🍅 LIVE: Compost: 3 Quick & Simple Tips for Making Your Own & How to Use on Garden (REPLAY)

Join me LIVE as I share 3 quick & simple tips for making your own compost so you have your own “black gold” for your garden! MY BOOK: Organic Gardening for …


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  2. I compost in an old cracked plastic trash can. It is on wheels & still works well. I drilled a couple of holes in the bottom for drainage & some in the sides for air flow. I throw all kitchen scraps & junk paper or cardboard (nothing with tape or plastic) & even dump old drinks left in the cups.

  3. Hi Kim, I just started watching your videos and love all the advise you are giving. I do have a question about pine needles. I have a tree nearby that drops tons of them on my patio so i throw them in my compost. They do take some time in breaking down and I was wondering if it's a good idea to put them in. I started off wormless and have noticed I have tons of worms now so something is right. I would just like a faster breakdown of the pine needles. Are they considered brown or green?

  4. Morning from Michelle in Rockford Al. This is my 1st yr starting from seeds inside to see if our garden does better than in the past. When do u bring the containers out to stay? I'm doing good using Bone Meal and unused Coffee grounds. So far its doing better than ever.

  5. I bought a Dalek compost bin last year, I’ve been filling it with tons of manure from my sisters rabbits and guinea pigs! Closest I can get to any kind of manure since we don’t have any horses locally ☺️ I’m definitely going to try out the composting on a smaller scale like you though! I was led to believe you have to have a 3ft by 3ft mountain to have compost to be produced that quickly

  6. Hey Kim, when I have insomnia (which is more frequent than I’d like), I listen to one of your long playlists until I fall asleep (the most recent one I listened to was about compost)…. I love going to sleep with gardening thoughts! =)

  7. my first time trying to compost. I thought I would not have a lot to compost . started this past winter in a 5 gallon bucket which soon became a 2 five gallon bucket and I just started my 3rd gallon. I hope I did it right but it is still breaking down. the texture is soft fluffy .I can't wait to use it! thank you for your video . you were the first gardening video I watched about 2 years ago and I am still learning and getting better at it. all because of you thank you

  8. I been composting for two years and this year I am trying something new which is using my worms to breakdown. I let my compost bin break down and then I add it to my worm bin. Works a lot better and speed up the breakdown process😀😊

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