1. HOW I ABLE TO SAVE MY MARRIAGE: There are lot of spiritual negativity spirit fighting most marriage and relationship today, My husband left 3 month ago we've been married for 13 years. He’s the one that wanted to leave I have been left devastated emotional crying wanting him back he made no attempt to contact me, He goes through the children he moved in with the lady from work I knew where he’s was. We haven’t been connecting for the past months or two we've just been sweeping things under the rug and then I found out that he had been texting a married woman at work and they would text more than 600 times a month but he would delete them when I confronted him about it he then went and bought a prepaid phone where I couldn't track any of the numbers so the situation blew up and he decided to move in with this guy he said it would only be for a month but I’m was scared that it’s going to be longer, I feel that in my book of cheating if your texting a married woman and deleting the text messages that’s cheating because if there’s nothing to hide you wouldn't be deleting these text messages and you wouldn't have bought a prepaid phone. I feel lost and confused and don’t know where to go I went back to church and put my problems in God’s hands I pray everyday I read my Bible several times a day to try to get me through this. I try not to put the kids in the middle of this but it’s hard because he will not return any of my calls which I've only called him once but he won’t return any of my text messages either he always goes through the kids. I was lost and confused, But I prayed to God to please help bring back my King my happiness, It was really hard for me, I did all I could and nothings seems to change, Until I meet a Spiritists Called Dr Bernard who turn my pain to Joy and my sorrow to happiness, I told Dr Bernard my relationship problem and he told me that he will pray and my husband will come back home. never believed because I was so lost and confused but I have the faith in God that my king will come back home, But lucky for me Dr Bernard was the one who brought my love back to me, he is a good spiritist. you can contact him Via: ([email protected]) You can still save your marriage if u really love your husband or wife.

  2. Modern marriage is a raw deal for men. They lose their wealth, home, access to their children, on top of having to pay alimony and child support on the whim of the wife who initiates divorce. If you're stupid enough to get married knowing this, I guess you deserve what you get.

  3. This is why if I have daughters ill encourage them to be engineers or whatever so we can move society towards one where no ones dependent on a spouse or an ex spouses alimony.

  4. That is why I strongly believe a prenup is for working class people. Some people believe they are only for the wealthy. I strongly disagree; a prenup is fo those of us that can't afford to lose half of our pension and/or retirement accounts.

  5. I recently contacted a hacker suggested by someone in the comment section on YouTube to help me hack my spouse phone, I paid him with good faith for the job but he came back with some boring excuse that the hack was not successful because my spouse has a Vpn and some third party security app installed on his phone. Well he refunded my money but i became more worrisome as i really wanted access to his phone so bad. He later recommended Alvin to me who he called the boss and a pro. I immediately called Alvin and explained my problem to him, he agreed to help me and after waiting for few hours he called me that the hack was successful and he gave me access to the phone 100%. I was able to read all his text messages, Whatsapp, Facebook messages & all his conversations on various social media platforms, call tapping, gps tracking as well as hidden financial records… And yes, my husband was cheating and has 2 kids outside the marriage with a woman he is planning to divorce me for. Now i am going to dance to the court with all the proofs and evidences against him. LOL. Contact Alvin on my recommendation through his Email : [email protected] com and Whatsapp : +17072677873. He is really a professional with more experience and the best of the best

  6. I’m so over men thinking women are only after their money. We are hard workers and have our own connections. They were married for 15 years. He didn’t say why they are getting a divorce. Maybe she supported him while he went back to school, did his books etc.

  7. Sir, go an speak to a professional on this matter, Dave doesn’t know how pensions are split, or you can reach out to a company that calculates pension separation, I used one during my divorce.

  8. You fellas are in the wrong line of business. Marry someone who makes more than you so that way you end up winning in a divorce. All you stupid guys should stop marrying broke females and shut ur pie hole with that don't get married non sense.

  9. If I did my math right, a present value of a cash asset growing at 6% annually for 12 years, to have a future value of $15,000 , has a present value of $7314.39. Just saying,

  10. Didn't realize there were so many bitter men out there. Women are usually he ones who get left at middle age or older after devoting all their youth to a husband and family. I was married for 25 yrs. I had a wonderful marriage. My husband passed away this June. I would gladly give away all my worldly goods to have him back. I loved that man and he loved me.

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