WEED RELAPSE | Marijuana Addiction (Episode 5)

Story of my life. I’ll finally get to the point when I quit weed, but all it’ll take is one nice tasting joint to set me into a Marijuana relapse. HOWEVER, along the …


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    Marijuana Addiction Series:
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  2. I get what you’re saying I personally just like weed. I do take breaks and smoke less. I try to manage it so I don’t become lazy and sleep. Recently I was self conscious about it but I believe it was part of a deeper issue at my core that i have worked through. Night time is the best other wise one hit still allows for just a slight boost almost like coffee. It’s nice after a workout as well

  3. Hey man, thanks for all the videos you've posted on this topic. I can relate to a lot of the feelings and thoughts you've shared in several of your videos regarding cannabis addiction. I wonder if you ever participated in a medicinal cannabis ceremony. It's very much like any other traditional medicinal ceremony, like Ayahuasca or Peyote. For me, it was a definite experience in the sense that the spirit of the plant (or a subconscious wiser and broader part of me, who knows) pointed out the reasons why I developed my addiction. After only 1 ceremony I was able to get rid of all cravings, it was like everything was clear and I felt at peace. I keep smoking cannabis in ceremony. I also felt like I never had to think again about how often would it be okay to connect with this medicine because the feeling of doing something wrong went completely away. I think that the key to this healing was actually realizing I was addicted to avoiding problems in my life, not to cannabis itself. Giving direction to your trip from a spiritual basis (regardless of your beliefs) can be very helpful to find a way to soothe your resistance. Sometimes, it might even give you a way to find a safe loving space to connect with your medicine and get all the benefits from it.

  4. Been now for almost 6 months clean after 15 years os use and some of them abusing it. And now I reealy wanna have it again, but I know I can go so much further in life (like I already have done throughout these 6 months). Another reason is because I almost died after having a heart attack because of drinking some weed+coffee mix (don't do this at home)

  5. Bro I used to smoke at least twice a day and the only thing that opened my eyes was when I had a bad lsd trip. I haven’t touched weed in 5 months and I don’t even have the craving nor do I think I will want to ever because I know how cloudy it makes my mind but I think weed is great if you respect it. Warning to all beginners, please take breaks when you notice yourself trying to escape reality. I was in such a bad headspace because I was ignorant and abused the substance. Weed can be the best thing ever, just be careful.

  6. You're never going to get over MJ , accept it. That's the price you pay for being a stoner at some stage in your life, you're always going to have weakness for it , a soft spot. Accept it, and as Tom suggested, change your location, environment, move to another city, somewhere close to family. You'll easily get over it in no time. 🙂

  7. i'm subbing but i fucking hate you cus i'm not in the place to deal with stuff, and this video doesn't make me feel bad about weed but it does remind me that I should be dealing with stuff

  8. you are weak when must change all friends even place that is running you are not face whit yourself don't trust yourself never let other influence you not even God nobody you are one and only nobody else matter no one opinion mater everyone is air around me

  9. I don't even think on weed for months and when I think I don't feel anyhing I can smoke if I have but just one day next day if I smoke I feel bad don't feel high and next day I don't feel nothing at all must make pause month or more to get high again and same happen whit other drugs only first day next day nothing and that's why don't have desire to do that every day

  10. Many years ago I was seeing a psychologist for various issues and was complaining to her about my addictive personality. She looked me in the eye and said in psychology there is no such thing as an addictive personality…it's an avoidant personality. Boom 😲

  11. I just came out of a rehab center a couple days ago. drug of choice you guessed it , Maryjane. While I was in rehab I learned a lot about myself and spirituality as well. then coming back home and finding your channel was like the universe telling me to keep pursuing this path of spirituality. deep inside of me I know I'm not going to cut out weed and go cold turkey but I will definitely start using it with more respect and for meditating but thats still a while away in the mean time I'm just living life sober and finding ways to grow and thrive. Love your channel Bro❤️

  12. Personally with small amounts of (that good good) I can boost my mood, concentration, perception of everything, how I process certain interactions and be a smarter person as I spend more time thinking about what I want to do or say.
    A bit more and I am purely filled with glee… Maybe a bit stupid sounding or looking to other people but I don't mind how I look to other people as long as I'm not being rude and am hygienic (might keep to myself and have deep thoughts).
    Too much and I feel like I'm wasting my time and I might imagine audio like I hear echoing or I think I hear someone say "hey u okay?" But I'm sitting in my room alone meditating. Still very happy but it may lead on and feel like it lasts longer than 8 hours which is probably not healthy.

    I have one conclusion from my experience with basically everything in my life.
    Take everything in moderation.
    Never over do things but don't let yourself down by low balling your abilities.
    Don't let people change you, but also take criticism with a grain of salt and think "is this true and should I try fix this?"
    Let you change yourself to always improve so that you can push to be a happier person and spread positivity (as much as possible)

    I wrote all this and nearly deleted it because I thought it wasn't fully related to the video but my opinion matters to me so there it is 🙂

  13. You really do try hard to make progress. And I mean that. meditating daily since 7 years I first dropped weed. had a few hits over the last years and realised it doesnt give me anything anymore. same now with mushrooms. simply nothing I dont have anyhow. seeing you after all these years not even getting over the weed?!? sorry, real progress shows in your life.

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