1. Hi I just wanted to know if somebody knows how to repair this specific model, I Left it running and after a blackout it didn't work anymore.. any suggestions were to start looking for the failure?

  2. NEED HELP* Finishing my first outdoor grow and now getting a tent to grow all year long indoor as well. First time growing indoor I'm getting a 4 x 8 perpetual grow tent with a 1 x 4 nursery extension. My question is should i do 2 phlizon 2000w cobs or should I do 1 phlizon cob in center length wise and 2 600 watt viparspectras crosswise on each side of the cob light? It would be around 900 watts/ $600 for 2 phlizon cobs and 971 watts/ $618 for 1 cob and 2 vipars.

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