Trinidad and Tobago Decriminalizes Marijuana

In an unprecedented move the Government of Trinidad and Tobago has decriminalized the use of marijuana for personal and religious uses.


  1. Uh, like what the hell were they waiting for?!? It’s like as long as the US & UK deems something as illegal or “evil”, the rest of the world must be submissive, and comply. Everyone knows that marijuana is not as bad as the elitist (white elitist) wants us to think. For crying out loud, learn to think for yourselves. 🙄🤦🏿‍♂️

  2. Rainetta this is a wonderful break through for marijuana used. There's a New way to generate money.. I get that. It is a plant. Remember we follow the laws of the white folks and do what they do thinking it is right and destroy the lines of our BLACK ppl. Make our own laws. Make our on Constitution

  3. Rainetta not sure if you got my comments. Only a yes I did is good for me. What is going on in your state girrrrrrlll your supposed to keep us updated. Lol The article the Disarment Demobilization and Reintegration Officers interview in NYC by the UN. All deputy sheriff and officers who do not comply Will be FIRED!!! WTH

  4. Africa must be forever free no matter what Europeans cave dwellers think we'll fight against anyone who wants to stifle growth in Africa because without Africa resources they are done.

  5. One thing I love with you Rainetta is how you tell these ppl bout dem panties being at their ankles and in another breath, be so soft spoken when delivering the news hahaha.

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