THRIPS: How to Identify, Kill & Prevent Thrips on Cannabis

Thrips on Cannabis plants can go unnoticed if you’re not on top of things in your garden. If you’ve spotted some thrips on your plants, here’s how you get rid of …


  1. greetz from Germany, if you have just a very few thripse or if you aready in Bloom you dont need pestizide. just need a Sud with 1 liter water with garlic, cut it,mix it in the water and let it stand for 48hours…then you spray it all over the plants for at least a Week…then thripse and other pests are normally death and gone.

  2. You guys are the best, love ya 😀
    And I thaught they had a pigment disorder. Checked with a microscope and saw nothing. Until the day these fkers where running around.
    But yeah one question, the damaged leaves (silver), will they still produce clean buds?

  3. In week 7 of 9 with an autoflower and just noticed thrips in the bottom of the reservoir tray after watering! What should I do with only a couple weeks left? Thanks

  4. Just flipped into flower 1 week ago and found 1 thrip on a leaf yesterday. And also noticed white specs on a couple leaves. Any suggestions? Growing in a grow tent in co in 2 gallon ocean forest soil. 2 oscillating fans. Any suggestions?

  5. Hey guys! Great video! I just have a quick question. I just started week 3 of flower and am noticing thrip symptoms and a few thrips on some plants. Can I spray green cleaner when the lights are off? What is your best advice? Please help me out any info helps. Thank you!!!

  6. TweetMint plant wash is an awesome enzyme based formula with no harsh chemicals.
    I dip all of my clones in a light dilution of 1-2 oz. (2-4 TBS) per gallon of h20 before I start rooting in my cloner.
    I also use the same dilution for keeping my plants clean and on everything that comes into my grow space. This dilution will take care of any Spider mites, Russet mites, aphids and PM (molds)/ fungus, fungus nats etc. Nothing on the market compares.
    It’s Super concentrated and affordable.
    You can get it through Safe Solutions website, BuildASoil, Grow Generation, Grow Green, and Amazon,etc. love your video’s and content. Very educational and easy to understand you guys are awesome, keep them coming!

  7. Just found you guys… great content… thrips are def regional, with some varieties being more aggressive than others, but just about every type are more nuisance(like fungus gnats) than anything… with a caveat* "as long as your giving your garden the proper attention, infestations happen when the latter isn't applied! you guys aren't puffin up, every word you said was true…mad respect👊✌

  8. Wow I didn’t get a notification for this video and I have my notifications on for this channel. I was waiting for the new video so I saw it but that’s some bullshit man. Cmon YouTube. This is my favorite growing channel

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