1. CLTV 👍👍 👍
    Getting to know your strains is super important imo take good notes and apply what you learn on the first run, the second and third runs will always be better, and you gotta push em or you'll never know what they are truly capable of 😉😉😉

  2. I'm about to ask what might be the dumbest thing u've EVER heard from sum1 who's been growing since '09 BTW I'M AN OUTDOOR GROWER. but when u say it's key to start with a good pheno, what exactly or how do u know if ur growing a good pheno? I used to grow clones only (1 reason was cuz there's 1 strain out there that for whatever reason I couldn't grow bad bud IF I TRIED TO but it is a clone only strain, 2nd reason was cuz for the longest time I didn't know where to buy seeds of strains that I liked & the local dispensaries always had the latest most popular strains ready to sell as clones), I grew from seed for the 1st time 2 yrs ago & ALSO started growing in coco instead of soil & I got the biggest, fullest,& bushiest plants I've EVER grown before & also got the biggest yields I'd EVER got before too & I didn't know if this was due to me growing from seed instead of from clone or was it the switch to coco but in any case an example of a good pheno would be much appreciated, thank u & keep up the good work

  3. Love u guys, look forward to ur vids every week, but have u guys watched an older hash maker named frenchy cannoli ? He has lots of info as well and says the misconception that when the trichs are ember there are degrading is simply not true.

  4. Very informative!!! Still new at this, my last batch I trusted with someone and supposedly they died 😤😤😤😤 so I'm getting ready to start my next batch…… I do have a question though, is it better to grow one strain at a time or is multiple strains ok to do?

  5. Thinking about flipping to flower soon but I'm using the SCROG method with the trellis, it's my first time but they're looking good for.. sometimes a little on the hot side in terms of temps but when is the best to flip? Is it when I fill the trellis or? It's still got a bit space around the back sides as I've only got 3 plants but I'm thinking It will fill out in flower?

  6. My simple mistake:… Too much fras. Don't throw that shit in like it's salt on yo steak. It ain't. It's shit. And it will mess up your npk ratio of you use much more than prescribed amount. Read instructions and follow them.

    That said. Try Fras. Especially as a spray.

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