The Dankest Dabs We've Ever Made! Cannabis Concentrates So Good

Watch as we extract 7.1 grams of Jungle Boys “Creamsicle” in the Nugsmasher Touch. NUGSMASHER TOUCH THIS MACHINE REALLY DEFINES THE TERM …


  1. Thanks I have been getting great results at 190% press with the Nugsmasher Pro Plates !
    Some strains shatter, some strains budder All straight DANK The fresher the Flower the better. Haven’t tried fresh frozen yet, excited to try shortly !
    145% press bubble hash shattered
    Having problems with bags blow outs
    Good results without bags in limited quantities !

  2. Im sorry to say i wouldnt pay top dollar for a press that is jimmy rigged. Literally i got 10 people i know who had ur press and its complelety made of shit. Who the fuck wants to send the whole press back because a pump failed. Make a press that you can replace parts and not have to send awhole press bsck snd pay 100 for shipping so stupid

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