1. I feel it what you said Mateo. I was quiting ciggarette for 3 month since August till November 2018…
    but I smoking again, it was a year ago. I dont know why? why Im back to the hole?

  2. Many reasons, a couple of reasons for me…

    1) No-one comes up to me and says 'Hey can I have a cigarette?"
    2) People I've only known whilst being a non-smoker genuinely say "What??? You used to smoke, I can't imagine you as a smoker"
    3) The dry/callused/sore skin I used to get on my thumb is gone (from using the wheel on lighter, about 30 times a day)
    4) My former grey complexion is now gone, I look tanned
    5) The icky musus and never ending cough are gone
    6) Summer doesn't feel like a sauna anymore, it might be 27C out but I still feel good. (But I've also lost 5 stone so it could be that too)
    7) The yellowed tar stains on my fingers are gone
    8) The freedom
    9) The panic when a lighter goes out, asking if they have gas stove or … toaster haha I can use
    10) Not feeling like a pariah or addict, around church people I know
    11) Major social activities, such as watching soccer, or performing, I don't have to think, will I be able to smoke, are there any smoke breaks, do I have to have an hour long craving…
    12) No cravings is a big plus

    And many, many more…. the main one though is freedom.

    I said it around 6 months, and maybe a year or so, but thank-you for making the 0mg nicotine is it pointless, it helped me realize I didn't have to vape nicotine e-liquid, or vape any at all. I'm grateful for that. Over 3 years quit smoking now.

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