Spider Cookies Taste Test Ft. Shayne Topp | FOOD FEARS

Today, Mythical Chef Josh is mixing tarantulas with cookies and eating them with the beloved bro next door, Shayne Topp. FOOD FEARS! Subscribe to GMM: …


  1. i'm the one in the book who is scared of spiders. Like really scared. in 2016 i wacked a spider with a thing you normarly kill a fly with. i hit it, i screemed : no you won't bastard! and i hit it again. the smae second i yelled, the juice of the spider hit me in my open mouth. It was bitter and awfull. I still hate spiders!

  2. Honestly I would flat out refuse this. I'm terrified of spiders and I don't think I could even touch one of those, let alone eat one or anything containing it. Fun to watch though

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