1. I was just about to watch a couple videos and see if you've tried CBD? I now see you have but I just got a prerolled from pure relief. Gonna get out and nature and see how that goes. Not to trade off from weed but as something I can use when I feel that urge but don't want to drive to the dispensary. But I keep telling myself just trying weeks then see if I want to keep going and make it a month

  2. Yea man, I found that cbd flower a few weeks ago. I thought it was insanely amazing and what I was gonna start doing but honestly…I had a real weird experience body wise after coming down from smoking it on and off all day. I probably shouldn't have smoked a lot of it that day, still shows I've got a bit of an addictive personality, but I had a weird panic/psychedelic feeling that night, and a pretty big depression episode right after. I was hung over the day I was smoking it, so I do think I had all sorts of chemicals out of whack but you oughta know my experience with the stuff showed that it still messes with your chemicals, as cbd will do, and that's why I restarted my countdown after dabbling with it. Not here to hate on anything! Hell I still have some in my closet and am sore as hell today from a back issue I just saw a chiropractor for, and honestly am really craving it after seeing this vid but man, I'm about to be on day 23 and think I should make 30 days without any part of the plant, cuz that's my goal. Glad you got some relief from the stuff tho, really am. Anyhow, I left my email in a few comments now if you still wanna reach out. Or if not, no biggie. Still a fan, still loving the vids and loving the progress

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