Quitting WEED Cold Turkey After YEARS Of Smoking DAILY (Techniques That WORK)

Quit weed cold Turkey – The RIGHT WAY. Here’s how to stop smoking weed cold Turkey and the type of symptoms and feelings of withdrawals you should …


  1. CONGRATULATIONS! YOU DID IT! YOU REALLY DID IT! You made it halfway through the work week. Get ya bread and all the crumbs as well 🙂

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    Girlfriend DOESN’T Like Me SMOKING WEED/Eating Edibles – Hodgetwins Reaction: ONLY Quit Marijuana If https://youtu.be/TJzHM5KMFaY


    Quitting Weed/Marijuana Addiction And Withdrawal Symptoms (The Truth Of Addiction) https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLD5ZmlZU_u0ZkfLtu-iJXEI9h1iOrOl0N

  2. After using weed as a crutch for over 10 years I am finally putting the weed down.
    My only issue is a little bit of anxiety.
    You all should start lifting weights it helps a lot especially with sleeping issues which so far I have had none of although it has only been a few days I will consider myself lucky maybe a bit of loss of appetite as well which again lifting weights doing cardio helps with. My catalyst is the fact that I am not able to develop a relationship with women and Im sick and tired of being single. + I am trying to become a PA and weed is gonna stop from it. I also have had a porn addiction which I still relapse sometimes one day at a time guys.

  3. I’m quitting right now, I’m 21 started smoking at 14 and I know that I’m not taking care of my health and mind by smoking! So I’m done with it here’s to a better life. Like if you’re thinking of quitting or have 😍

  4. Day two of quitting. Smoked weed every day for 11 years and I honestly had no idea how dependant I'd become on it. Headaches, feeling sick, sweating and twitching, insomnia, no appetite. But I want to do this and I will do this!

  5. I've been using weed as a crutch because it helped me quit hard drugs… I just want to be clean 100% but I'm scared because I stop and my mind starts racing… Then I give up and smoke… God please give me the will to quit… I've done it before I don't know why it's so hard to do at this time

  6. I went through a lot of very traumatic shit as a young teenager and developed very heavy PTSD and depression, I turned to weed and alcohol and abused them both for years because of it. I was able to quit alcohol a while ago and have been sober from that shit for about a year and 6 months now, I’m almost 20 years old at this point and have come to realize that I can not quit my marijuana addiction because I was so dependent on it as a way to cope with my pain, I’ve tried to quit so many times and it’s so hard. It’s not just as easy as going cold turkey when you have real addictions… it takes time and a lot of struggle because withdrawals are real and they’re horrible. but this video has definitely given me a lot of confidence knowing that I’m not alone in this, i want to beat this and I believe that I can really do it now

  7. I have 12 years smoking every day, tried to stop a lot of time and I never could, today I smoked and had the most painfull headache ever, now I belive I need to quit but I dont have courage, I lost my job, my relationship and my motivation, Im taking this comment as my statement to quit my adiction

  8. Quitting weed is like killing yourself. Weed is most times like a really close friend who's you know will make you forget the bad day and make time dissapear. Quitting weed means you will have to deal with the world without that close friend. Scary

  9. I hate that I am having to stop smoking weed as well. I hate the whole bullshit behind it. Its a fukin plant. It's less harmful than cigarettes. But if tou want a good job you can't smoke it. Ao much for this being a progressive country can't wait for all these old fucks to die so that weed laws can change

  10. Been smoking sense I was 15 im 25 now after my life being on pause for so long im finally taking the initiative to turn over a new leaf plus its eating me and my pockets inside out

  11. 2 months sober from heavy drinking and 4.5 months sober from harder drugs. Weed and cigarettes are going to be a very tough one for me. But I’ve got a lot of momentum in the right direction. Thanks for the support!

  12. Wassup y'all. Congratulations to those that have made the decision to quit smoking. I've seen people sayin that they experience loss of appetite and difficulty sleeping. While I have experienced both those things my biggest issue is feelin like my heart is beating too damned hard and I have to focus on my breathing as it feels like it becomes a little difficult. Anyone else experience the same? Much love y'all.

  13. It’s been 6 days after going cold turkey. I have lost my appetite and have insomnia. The worst part for me are the cold sweats. But I know I need to get through the struggle!!! Wish me luck

  14. i really like what he said, great msg great advice. Kinda lost me at the earth is set and everything is rotating around earth, i mean thats like 5-6th grade science isnt it? lmao regardless i liked the msg

  15. Ive been smoking for about 10 years basically everyday. Im in the point of my life where im realizing that bud is really affecting my future. I have a college degree and i try being successful and i always felt bud had no effect in my success…. I feel so dependent on it , and feel so bored not smoking… Extremely anxious and cant even sleep….. Its barely 3 days and it feels so upsetting lol. I wanna stop for myself and i wanna try being a better person for myself and truly find myself. ….. I hate having to get fake piss to pass drug tests . and being paranoid about everything….. Cant even remeber how life was being sober…. Seeing videos like this makes me really think and evaluate life and shit. …. I guess i needa meditate or something workout more or something idk i love weed but god damn its the fucking devil straight up….

  16. cannabis for the last 2 years has smoked like shit to me. the prices are higher than ever and the quality s lower than ever. Gonna try to quit after daily smoking for 10 years wish me luck

  17. I was smokin weed everyday but last night was such a bad night I haven't smoked and felt so sick like throwing up and stuff had to go to the hospital but today my second day goin cold turkey goin strong I have no appetite cause I haven't smoked

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