1. Finally fount a video that i can fully relate to i been stuck in this cycle for too long i need to stop cuz ik my life will get worse if i carry on

  2. I’ve been searching for information about this for so long! Thanks for making this mini-series. I hope you make more videos on this topic! Maybe more about tangible steps you took towards recovery. These videos were like a wake up call for me, and I definitely got some clarity about my current mental state and how i got to this point. Anyways thanks so much for being so transparent 💕

  3. That was the first honest video about weed addiction that I have seen! As a weed addict myself I could relate to your story very much and surprisingly enough I could actually relate to the binge eating as well. (didn't realize I actually had an issue with that as well) Thank you so much for being so honest and absolutely please make the part two! Looking forward to it!

    Peace and harmony 🙏❤️

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