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  1. New York has just made full term abortions legal…

    I apologize in advance for the graphic nature of this post. If you have a week stomach or a fragile heart you may wish to skip the rest of this…

    Please understand the real reason for abortion. It has very little to do with choice. One of the first things to develop after conception is the adrenal gland. It grows very rapidly and continues to do so until birth. The pituitary gland is the "General Contractor" and the adrenal glands are the "Site Supervisor" for the developing child. They provide enzymes, chemicals and building blocks for the entire body and all the other organs. For gestation purposes, the adrenal glands are super charged, super active and super sized.

    Adrenochrome is said to be the greatest drug on the planet. It is produced when Adrenalin in the bloodstream is exposed to oxygen, at that point a chemical reaction occurs in the blood stream, creating adrenochrome. This knowledge is as old as man and has been the driving force behind human and animal sacrifice for thousands of years. And yes animals have adrenal glands too. The victim has to be tortured enough to allow the adrenaline to fill the blood stream. This doesn't take long, but the longer it takes, the more adrenaline is put in.

    Between 3,000 and 4,000 abortions a day in the US alone. Abortion has just become the number one killer of humans on this planet!!! Understand that every single planned parenthood location is nothing more than drive through adrenochrome dispensary built for the satanic elite paid for with our taxes.

    The reason for the push on late term abortions is nothing more than wanting the best version of the drug. The adrenal gland grows until the child is removed from the uterus. The absolute strongest adrenochrome you can extract from a human is the moment after birth. This is why they insist life does not start until birth. They want, and now have, last minute abortions and would love post birth abortions.

    I'm willing to bet everything I'll ever own the sick @#$%^&* have figured out a way to maximize the amount of trauma inflicted while avoiding death as long as possible to to get as much Adrenalin as possible into the bloodstream before ripping the helpless child apart. Planned Parenthood is as evil as anything on this planet, but we deserve whatever punishment God may have for us because we are letting his children be murdered faster than any other cause of death to any other age group so that these sick @#$%^&* can get high!

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