1. Vaping products do nothing without a liquid in them, the specific liquid in these cases are thc based yet no mention of that or the companies making them bypassing FDA regulations. *period

  2. This is bull, I know a fair bit about health and this is just dumb it takes years and years to make blebs from smoking due to tar build up in lungs due to tar build up. Vape is literally water vapor nothing is burning so therefore no tar and no blebs. And since when does water vapor cause pulmonary embolisms??? That’s just dumb- no doctor or nurse will ever ask you do you vape in the assessment so ya this is bull

  3. I've been smoking cigs for almost 12yrs. But with the help of vape, I stopped smoking. It's not easy to quit cigs.. Smokers knows that.. But yeah.. I'm not smoking cigs for almost a year now..
    I feel better than before.. I'm gonna quit vaping too. Vaping is better than smoking cigs. But.. No cigs and vape is the BEST.

  4. Why do they say "vaping" without prefacing their point with that it is death by THC cartridge. NO ONE HAS DIED FROM VAPING NICOTINE BASED E-JUICE! The government wants to allow tobacco flavors only because they want our kids to get used to the flavor of cigarettes, remember there are no vanilla cookie flavored cigarettes. The British Royal College of Physicians has already researched and stated that Vaping is much safer than smoking . It's just too bad our country doesn't care about us as much. https://www.forbes.com/sites/jacobsullum/2016/04/28/royal-college-of-physicians-says-e-cigarettes-can-prevent-almost-all-the-harm-from-smoking/#3f7f604949b8

  5. People wake up. Jewish matrix and propaganda will be fucked soon. Awakening is coming. Show me 1 men who died from e cigarette! I show you 6 million dead worldwide from normal tpbacco.

  6. Fake ass bullshit …where are the constant emergencies warnings of cigarettes…they know they kill people and they willingly sell death to the public..they should tell people bout the "magic " number …enough nicotine to guarantee addiction but kill you slow enough no one could tell….dum…export..Bensen…all the major tabacco companies know

  7. E-cigarettes have been around since 1963 but made popular in the 2000’s
    So technically people have been vaping for a while now and out of no where people start dying because of it. Smells like a conspiracy to control population or to make people smoke cigarettes which are worst. Hmm 🤔

  8. Something to notice. Everyone including myself will die someday. I actually am very close to. Being dead any day or night now. I have seriously case of silicosis and somehow o am still breathing. I don't sleep because I am sure I probably won't wake up when or if I sleep.

  9. I went with my mom too vape shop too buy my first vape in we watch people in they show how too do thing sometimes you got watch people because people will put anything in the vape…

  10. It's because some people resale their vape juice and mix other oils with the juice. Also the vitamin E oils in knock off dab carts are causing pneumonia and organ failure just like the vape juice

  11. Vaping is a new thing!! I got my first vape 17 years a go ok I didn't like it and went back to smoking but its not new it's been around for years. I love the new vapes been vaping for the last year I have asthma and I'm still alive but what do I know… Been smoking for 31 years I feel better vaping than smoking I have more energy now than I did 1 year a go and if you look at how many people that have died from smoking over the last 17 years you can see that vaping is a better choice than idiots like me who were or still are a smoker

  12. Anybody else tired of feeling sorry for stupid people who cause all their own problems? I've existed 41 years and never drank a drop of alcohol, smoked a cigarette, vaped anything, or tried any kind of drugs. I've literally missed NOTHING… so if people doing completely unnecessary things are killing themselves then let them die.

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