1. It is NOT true American's who hate Jewish People.. It is Muslim's. That is the FACT'S. Sense Obama took office, Mosques have been built by the hundred's of thousands across our country.. Heed Omar's word's when she said " MAY ALLAH AWAKEN ". Of these Mosques they do not own the land like our churches but they own the building's. Satellite building's off of Major Mosques have been popping up all around small town's calling them school's. No sign's or listing's in phone book's or with local phone number's. Their adds are done on line. Check your town's on line and see for yourself. Read what they advertise. These building's are located near most populated places like Wal-Mart's and shopping center's. Have high fences and security camera. Huge computer room's. Look at the adds closely. How many student's class room's hold. Look at figures of children in your communities  from K To 12 grade. You will see their class room's far exceed the amount of children in your town's. I live in a small town mostly retirement people and 1 just went up here. Say's equip for 17,000 student's.. From K to 12 grade their are not 17,000 student's combined. In the whole county their are 8 churches. Baptist , Methodist and Catholic in 3 town's in our county. Check yours on line. You will be surprised.

  2. Please STOP calling this a Stabbing. It was NOT. Machete's are used for BUTCHERING.. The weapon of ISIS.. Knives stab. Machete's don't. Stop sugar coating this. This also is NOT a Mental health issue.. He planed this all out. Cleaned the Machete with bleach. He KNEW exactly what he was doing. With all these cases. Not 1 word is spoken about who these people are associated with.. Not 1. All other cases are. such as crimes committed by ex spouse's or crimes of missing children solved. But not in these cases are any associate's friend's or people who knew him. All we heard was from his Mother who had the nerve to call him a gentle giant.. Bull. She knew everything about him and what he did before this happened. Police in these cases do intense questioning of parent's and family members. If he had mental issues she would have seen warning sign's way before this as these type of crimes are usually acted out against family member's in argument's. Not in Churches or Jewish temples of worship. There are always signs. Writing's, thing's in their room's. Their is not 1 parent who does not go through their children's thing's no matter how old they are. It's a parent's Job to.

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