News for the Heart with Laurie and Tom Campbell: A Christmas Wish

Laurie Huston from News the Heart is talking with physicist Tom Campbell began with a Christmas Wish that became a Wish to Grow Up. Tom and I discussed …


  1. The model you came up with, it seems solid enough that given the right technology in the distant future, someone might create a virtual reality experience that mimics this reality using your model, and those that choose to experience it would not be able to tell that reality from this one. I can't see how this wouldn't possible, and if that is the case, who's to say we aren't already thousands of levels deep inside of VR systems? Not that it would make much of a difference one way or another, but I thought it was an interesting idea. I would imagine that each VR inside of a VR would have slight differences. Also, given that this could be possible, who's to say civilizations around our universe haven't already done this? If your experiments prove true, it would only prove the fundamental abstract rules that the VR we are in has, but that in itself is quite amazing. If it proves we are not, then still, things might be even stranger than we thought. Either way, the perception created in the minds of those who understand your model is a perception that if more people decided to see things that way, entropy would lower overall on this planet and life would be little better for everyone. Thanks for putting so much effort into this, it's an amazing idea and can change lives in a positive way if understood correctly. No matter how it's done, lowering the entropy of mass amounts of people could never be a bad thing.

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