1. Wants weed to be legalized but is totally okay with the government forcing the tobacco industry to destroy itself. Hmmm, why do I think that tactic could be applied to drugs?

  2. Isn't it very easy to die from LSD?

    Decriminalization will help in getting less people to do the drug. First there will be a rush because it's legal, but then it's not illegal, so "it's not cool"

  3. Meanwhile auto insurance companies are raising rates even more next year because of all the new pot smokers that are driving stoned.

    Wouldn't it be great if we lived in a nation where other people's "fun" didn't cost me money? I can't even imagine how dull someone's life has to be for them to require pharmacological intervention to make it enjoyable.

  4. Does anyone else see the pattern here?

    As soon as a Dem legionary hellhole begins to see its citizenry question the terrible state they are forced to live in, they decriminalize, publicize and push weed to put their people back into a stupor.

  5. I thought it was decriminalised already. I got busted in the early 80s in NYC and went in front of a judge along with 300 others. $75 ticket and expunged a year later. I did have to get fingerprinted because it was a dog and pony show. I wish NC would legalize it. What a waste. If they want to outlaw a dangerous product that clearly kills take tobacco, particularly cigarettes and dip off the market. If health class in HS was week by week films of disease and disfigurement it might be more effective. Show what is left after oral or sinus cancer. Make it a barrage of horrible scenes and testimony from those that were affected by tobacco. If it saves one life it would be worth it. All of the worst of it is kept real low key and generally hidden from the public. If they had to watch a slide show of disfigured people as your debit card processed it might help.

  6. Weed today is garbage for the most part. High grade more than anything. Just a ripoff, nothing more. If you can manage to find regs? Way better for less than half the price. Lst seven strains I've tried within the last 6 months have been indica or sativa dominant along with hybrids? Have been absolute jokes or ok at best. Really, the only thing weed is good for any more today is pain, depression and anxiety. And it's so wack that it's depressing. Happy grass is no more. Shouldn't even be called a psychedelic anymore

  7. Now do it nation wide. I live on the Indiana/Ohio border. Actually can walk across the street and be in Indiana. If I get caught with a joint in Ohio, I get a ticket. In Indiana I would be taken to jail in a heartbeat.

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