1. Women have deal breaking things, pot is a common one they get mad about.
    It’s hypocritical since most of them drink alcohol on occasion to relax. The dangers of alcohol compared to weed are very cut and dry, but some people have blinders on and only see things the way they choose to instead of seeing the bigger picture.

  2. My use used to be very reasonable and productive in my life. I used to design clothes and used it to be creative and it would help me to focus in on the project at hand instead of think about a million things like normal. I would also use it to relax at night before bed or if we were going out the beach on something. My girl never really cared as long as I was happy, making her happy, and being productive. Over the past year I became depressed over life events and she told me it was because of smoking and I had to stop, even though I never felt like this 10 years prior during daily use. So I stopped and then started again to smoke to escape the depression I was in. And I had to hide it from my girl which made me feel worse about it . This is when I realized I created a bad relationship with weed and was using for the wrong reason now instead of like how I used to. I told my girl this and said I've been honest with myself and need to take a step back and get happy with where I'm at in life before I decide to pick it back up to use and enjoy responsibly like I have for the past 10 yrs. But my girl will not have it she said I should never do it again . What should I do end my 10+ year relationship with Mary Jane or my 5 year relationship with my girl

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