1. Honestly, letting everything simmer and throwing it into a French coffee press and pouring through a coffee filter will prevent the medical marijuana flower from being pulp in one's beverage. I will figure out how to make iced tea, next. Save used flower used in a vaporizer, as not all of the oils are extracted through that method.

  2. This is actually really strong lol I am about halfway through my drink and feeling cheeky lol. This batch might be strong enough for 1 super dose, 2 hearty doses, 4 nice doses, and 8 low doses. The marijuana I used is almost 25% THC essentially capable of extracting 250mg of THC. I didn't weigh it out and added some extra.

    If ya'll know a better way, please share.

  3. coconut oil
    1 gram of medical marijuana grounded
    8-16 ounces of water
    A little vodka, for rinsing and delivery
    Tea (for flavoring)
    Sugar/ honey flavoring
    Coffee filter.

    Grind the medical marijuana and mix it with the coconut oil.

    Bring water up to a boil and then a simmer, once the satchel is placed in the pot

    Simmer for 30 minutes, adding water slowly as needed. I recommend a 16 ounce coffee mug. Rinsing the pot and the flower takes a about 6 ounces of boiling waterin the 2-3 separate rinses.

    Use a shot of vodka for the final rinse.

    Once the medical marijuana is extracted, aaf the herbal tea and let it steep for its required time.

    Let cool to a strong temperature and one will soon benefit from the extraction if medical marijuana flower into an easily digestible and healthy alternative to medicate. Plus, this is cheaper than the dispensaries and a more controlled way to medicate.

    The effects are felt fast, especially with a shot of vodka in the mix. Be weary of the caffeine in the tea.

    Sweeten to your liking too.

    Eating medical marijuana raw id not the same, as heat id needed to extract the THC. I use coconut oil for the tea because of its low melting point and health benefits. The fact is that THC needs to bond to the fat for chemistry reasons lol.

    Essentially, less than 45 minutes to do this right. Also, it can be done in greater batches.

    Enjoy and don't operate heavy machinery, or my ex wife lol

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