1. This makes no sense…they fake a push on how bad cigarettes and e-cigarettes are and then on the other hand State gov'ts and others seem to be pushing in the direction to allow and even in some cities enable hard drug usage. It makes NO GD sense!!! Also, show me the data and evidence that regulating this way actually has or will work? Gov't interventionism fail more often than not; particularly, on these types of 'in the weeds' issues. My personal theory is Cartels foreign and domestic push for this type regulating so, more people actually do turn other illegal and illicit means to obtain their 'goods' and self medicate. On this type of stuff just leave people the f'k alone.

  2. In about long-term effects vaping been around for 10 years there's been no actual deaths from vaping all the people that died from vaping where vaping THC cartridges with vitamin E acetate in them!

  3. Tell me how the freak it makes sense that an 18 year old can die for our country can vote but they can't go buy the stuff pack of cigarettes or vape that makes so much sense…. 🤯

  4. Who wants smokers?
    Tobacco companies of course, Pharmaceutical industry to sell drugs, Drug dealers obviously, private nursing homes to keep patients , pension funds as smokers don't drain the pot, governments as taxes offset medical costs and reduced pension payments as smokers die early.
    Who doe n't want smokers?
    Non smokers because smokers stink, pollute the atmosphere and sprea disease

  5. What gets me with all the news on E-cig's is, why do they show, all through the ads people blowing clouds of smoke? It's like warning about the dangers of cocaine and shooting up, and the whole time showing people using needles. By the time the commercial is over you have a whole bunch of addicts worked up and rushing out to get a hit. Why don't they show young kids in the hospital fighting for their lives instead, or bodies in the morgue. Maybe it wouldn't look so appetising.

  6. I'm a doctor of common sence.

    Don't start smoking attall drrrrrrrr

    This is my common sence.
    1) lungs are only made for oxygen nothing else.

    2) E cigarettes are only made for people to stop smoking normal cigarette to quit completely. But they don't quit completely because of the nicotine.

    3) the people who did not smoke are getting into e cigarettes because they like the taste, the fastion of them because they think it's cool plus everyone else as a e cigarette.

    So really people are trying to quit but they can't because of the nicotine and poeple think it's cool.

    I'm living in a world of people who don't know that lungs are only made for oxygen. People today are thick with no common sense. The people who are vaping or smoking and they get a dangerous lung disease or cancer they can only blame themselves. I dont feel sorry for them. That's the sore truth. I'm glad I don't smoke or vape. I'm staying fit and healthy.

  7. So… a few people have died from vaping (rip). Most of those cases were related to black market e juices. The response is to ban e cigs. Millions of people have died from smoking cigarettes. The response? Raise the price of cigs. 🤯🤯🤯

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