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I’ve been off and on methadone for ten years, so this is my experience with medicated assisted treatment. I’m sorry this video isn’t edited like my others videos …


  1. I’ve been on methadone 6 months on 60mg most the time. When I started I was taking 10 Xanax bars (20mg) a day every day for months and they threatened to kick me out and when they do that they taper u 5mg a day! So I started tapering as fast as I could the next 3 months and now am on only half of 1 Xanax bar per day (1mg) from 20mgs and now they decide to taper me off! I literally have 1 more week and I’m off the shit and now they r tapering me off in 12 days! I also can’t afford H anymore unless the clinic gives me the $750 they owe me due to making me pay cash the first like 7 weeks despite having health insurance and it’s been 3 months they have been saying they r going to give me a check for $750 but they damn sure better give it to me now! Also ima need some narcan. Yet they told me “it’s to risky to have u on methadone while u r taking benzos)… like I’m finally off the benzos and just now about to have to go cold turkey the same time I’m getting cut off methadone in 12 days… that is WAY more likely to kill me than if I stayed in the program plus I’m obviously going back to heroin bcuz I can’t handle that intense of a withdrawal so fuck CBH the owners of my clinic. It is a straight up Traphouse there they don’t give a shit about anyone they just want money. They are the biggest drug dealers in the state with 300+ people coming in and out of that building per day. I wish there was actual good help for us who are truly trying to get clean and doing everything in their power but I couldn’t just stop benzos cold turkey that’s what’s deadly but apparently they are too stupid to know that and uneducated. Also it doesn’t make sense how they start you at a low-dose which isn’t enough to keep people from doing heroin at first and then they raise your dose overtime! It should be the opposite! They should give you just enough so you aren’t sick and can function and then lower your dose 1mg per day or so… May be slower depending on what the person wants but surely not getting them addicted to it and continuously raising their dose And forcing people to get an OK from the doctor to taper And my clinic specifically not even allowing you to taper 1 mg at a time they will only allow you to do 5 mg a day! They don’t want you to get off the shit. Part of me almost want myself to die during the withdrawal just so my family can go after them and get a fucking bag. My mom is an attorney so ima be sure to let her know why it is that I die if I die from this withdrawal

  2. In Europe /in EU countries for sure/ you can have 3 weeks takeaway methadone for holiday period and if clean urine is given I can go just once a week to any pharmacy to collect my methadone. Once a month I go to see my methadone doctor, he is super friendly and as flexible as the regulations allow it to him/ So He prescribe my monthly methadone. I had to name a pharmacy where I would like to go /near to my home, my workplace etc/ So pharmacies are open from 9-18 Mon-Sat and Sundays almost the same. So no rush and since there are lots of pharmacies, there are no ques or fights, its like a daily shopping and the staff knows you by name they know approx when you are going to collect your med, so it is ready to drink and ready a takeaway pack. And it is free of charge. That could be horrible if you can not go for a long holiday or even a long weekend trip, Jeez. I hope the regulations will change for a good very soon. Stay safe and hugs from Ireland.

  3. did you use methadone while on hep c treatment is it ok am on the treatment right now am on 5mg dose of buprenorphine very low dose but i have no clue is ok to use methadone or sub at the same time as you getting treated for hep c?

  4. On 55mgs I've dropped to 40mgs for 3 days now I'm getting put on Suboxone this Tue 9/6/20 for two weeks then I'm getting the injection 😷💥😎🤟 I'll let you know how much it hurts,,
    so take care 💕

  5. Once you are there for a few months they start to give you more and more take home doses as long as you comply with treatment so idk what you’re talking about not being able to go on vacation or anything

  6. I agree 100 percent with u I been on methadone for 16 years and I had same mind set as you 120 mgrams too and I got hooked on Xanax after getting on the methadone overdosed 2 times in zs but I don't use zs anymore

  7. I am truly blessed to have had methadone BUT I am so very much done and truly happy to move on. I’m not off yet but on my way to be done. I am wondering if you have ever taken Suboxone

  8. It never agreed with me chemically. I tried the programm twice during my addiction days. But 6 weeks in both times, I got insane anxiety. Because of that I was still using heroin. I was only ever on about 50mg. That actually got me a bit high and sleepy af.. I could never wake up in the mornings.😫
    I hated the liquid handcuffs.
    But its better than doing crime and wondering about your next hit. And a lot better than crazy withdrawals.

  9. I’ve been on methadone on and off for the last 15 years🤦🏻‍♀️ this last time I’ve been on it for 5 years straight I just started slowly tapering I’m ready to be off it’s really starting to affect me in a negative way I’m ready to be off.. it saved my life but I’m ready to be off lol.. last time I had to go cold turkey off of 120mg in jail and then I went to prison and I thought I was going to die and the jail wouldn’t help me with any comfort meds they didn’t give a fuck I told myself when I got out of prison I would never get on methadone again but guess what things happened and led me back in my addiction and so now I’ve been on it straight for the last 5 almost 6 years.. I’m going to taper very slowly and listen to my body but I’m so ready to be off..
    The clinic I go to is all about the money they don’t even offer any groups and they don’t have any real counseling sessions. They just have you come in every few weeks and ask how you are and sign that you talked to them lol.. methadone doesn’t really hold me back from traveling cause I go in once a month and get 27 takehomes cause I’ve had years clean uas.

  10. I'm not addicted whatsoever. However I recently went to a clinic to get methadone in place for the methadone I was taking for pain. Pain patients are flocking to those clinics.

  11. I wish I had told you this earlier but you have become my favorite YouTuber and I will miss you. Go take care of yourself and you'll come back strong – I believe in you! 💜

  12. Does the clinic there not give people take home medicine? Cause the ones around here makes you go everyday for the first 30 days then you get a week of take home and then it goes to every 2 weeks.

  13. And medical marijuana works very well for my chronic pain. I don't smoke or eat edibles every day I only do it when ibuprofen doesn't take at least some of the pain away.

  14. Unfortunately in my area the methodone clinic serves as a crutch for people who dont wanna be sick when they cant score. It does work for my wife but she is honestly one of few people that ive personally seen that uses the clinic correctly and stays a recovery coach and CRSW I have to support the methodone clinic if my recoveree decides if thats their path of recovery

  15. Kenzie, i am down to 20 mgs from 135 mgs, and it is the hardest thing i have ever done. And apparently it will be even harder to finish this journey, but i will, or die trying. I am unfortunately at one of those clinics motivated by money only and they have no idea how to titrate a dose.. i get almost all my support and information from channels like yours, so i'd really like to thank you if i haven't in the past. You really put yourself out here to help and support others, and i am grateful for your channel.

  16. I give thanks to you, Megan Neff, & Jessica Kent for giving me the courage to use the YouTube platform to share my journey as well. If 1 person sees it at it changes their life for the better then I dont care if anyone else sees it because I helped save a life.

  17. Will they not set up guest dosing at a clinic wherever you are traveling to? The clinics in WV and VA do guest dosing all over the country. But methadone didnt work for me, I didnt change my mindset or lifestyle until I got on suboxone.

  18. I hope everyone had a merry Christmas! On Friday we taking it back to how I started my channel… WITH A MF CRAZY STORY TIMEEEE… it’s gonna be about all the times I did bathsalts and the craziness that ensued. Are you excited? What do y’all want from me? My sub count is going up but my watch time is going down😭😭 helppppp

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