Legal marijuana in Illinois: Social equity applicants face daunting process

From a barber on the South Side to a hydroponic farmer on the West Side, Danny Joe Sorg and Alicia Nesbary-Moore are hoping to break into Illinois’ new …


  1. They did this with mortgages giving them to those based on race not credit scores home market crashes Gov bailed it out now controls it that is what this will do get out of control put people in debt and Gov. Will buy it up and have more control

  2. They keep us pitted against one another with media and movies meanwhile we are all slaves asking master government for permission to things we have every right to earth is flat and created they own nothing

  3. It's such a racist idea, the idea that certain races need help when other races don't. It makes it seem like people of color (you realize that's another way of saying "colored people," right?) just can't make it on their own without special help. Do white people need special help with the application process, too? What this really does is weaken people. It's like the government turning people into dependents with welfare instead of making them stand on their own in self-reliance/independence.

    How is this not obvious racism? This is why I support people like Candace Owens, Larry Elder, Thomas Sowell, etc., because they are the ones who understand what's really happening. The more problems you solve for people, the less capable of problem-solving they become. Liberals think that these things help, but they actually hinder. You don't create a more intelligent group of people by lowering the bar of passing grade; you create a less intelligent people by lowering the bar.

    This is so obvious.

    By all means, though… Carry on. If that's what you want, then go for it.

  4. Social equity is just racism towards non africans period! The licenses should go to residence only and not big corporations that’s how you get around the nonsense and keep the money in the state

  5. In the 60s pot movement was getting to big to ignored, sudently marijuana left the nation and a new drug was introduced to the same people, ' heroin ' the 70s was the dacade of the junkies the death by overdose and the people was happy, you know who was happier the people in charge of the people, the GOV. the 80s crack epidemic that s today exist among black communities, and a s 2019 democrats want to bring pot again. But at who's expenses, The poor. Marijuana leads to death murder and the Lost of lives on families.

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