1. Beginnings Treatment Centers Hi, so I really do love marijuana, I will be the first to admit it. I started vaping around 25 and I’m in my 30s now, and only love it more. It all started after being addicted to Dexedrine for a 4 years, taking 3 peoples prescriptions worth sometimes at one point… for adhd… that lasted for about 4 years. It was a very slowly destructive process that progressively it began to destroy my mind, body, and my soul, very similar to meth. then I quit it when I couldn’t take it anymore and had had a mini mental breakdown, just overworked and exhausted and feeling completely nutty… basically slept for 1 week, and felt truly fucked up for weeks… thats when I started self medicating with marijuana, it’s definitely a crutch I rely on to calm myself down, but to be honest though I don’t feel the same way about weed though. It was a drug I utterly hated when I was 20. Age 20 was also when I was prescribed the Dexedrine, I blame the doctor for prescribing me such a high amount, but I blame myself for taking it too far, and craving more. I only started smoking weed to help me calm down from the Dexedrine, and that was because it would fuck me up so bad I’d pass out no matter what, and I truly hated it back then, but now I feel like weed barely affects me negatively. It makes me nicer to people, and makes things more enjoyable in general for me, I have tons more empathy, and feel like Ive actually grown spiritually.

    Other than the stigma of being a pothead do you think there’s anything wrong with habitual marijuana use? Like should I still quit if I’m perfectly happy just to see what would happen? I get some pretty nasty withdrawal symptoms now and I don’t like that part, it limits my travel, Any ideas to mitigate them? I’d like to become a weekend smoker, any suggestions? I tend to be irritable and kinda a huge asshole without weed. 🤔 hmm

  2. I smoked for 15 almost 16 years. I never thought you could be addicted to weed. I never thought it was a gateway drug.

    But… Now that I'm in recover from fentanyl Xanax and cocaine….

    Yes it is a gateway drugs. And yes it is addictive and some people even get a bit of a dependancy on it.

    That being said after going thru benzodiazepine withdrawal cold turky while coming off methadone. I don't smoke anymore. Sometimes I'll eat a 10mg gummy Candy and chill out but never more and I do not smoke anymore. It's too intense. Just not Into it. I also don't agree with the way Canada did legalization so I also boycott for that reason.

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