1. I don't think . These are true.
    . Masterbation Helps in sexula
    performance(if you want to be god in bed practice more sex with your partner.
    . masterbation doesnot increase immunity.
    . improving stamina
    and men always try to use lube while jerking off.
    Because dry dogging could really give wrinkles.
    Stress relief and Feel good are the only true things.

  2. One time is also not normal. U become weak mentally and physically. Do not masturbate ever. Real pleasure when u spend time with nature. Do not watch porn. It's a new age drug. U spend lots of time watching that. Once watched u want more aggressive content. U r brain releases dopamine. U want more, more, more. This is the truth. Try nofap challenge, semen retention. Successful people never masturbate. Believe in ayurveda. For everything people need scientific evidence. To produce 2mg of semen body needs 35kg of food. Masturbation is not healthy. One life enjoy it. Walking, hiking, staying with friends this is Life….

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  5. If you're a good human having a proper job with enough salary to live solvently as well as you have a proper family including parents, siblings, wife, children & close friends – then you automatically are busy in your beautiful life and no need of porn/masturbation. So educate yourself what you like most to get/do your dream satisfying job and then marry asap to enjoy the healthy life. Best of luck ❤️ Peace 👋🏽

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  7. Masurbation is an unhealthy behaviour that leads to addiction and ruins your life. I don't know if he's being serious or not but I masturbate and I regret it.

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