1. Technically, there are three recorded cases of death by cannabis in the literature. All three from kidney failiure resulting from dehydration as a consequence of Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome.

    I do believe in a very very small subset of people withdrawal symptoms also include nauseau, temperature disregulation, and cyclical vomiting.

    this is still extremely benign. The same minimal consequences cannot even be said of high doses of caffiene or even cammomile tea.

  2. Every drug is a risk so technically it’s not risky to smoke it. You can smoke but not abuse it it’s like anything if you over eat you gain weight.

  3. So this entire thing just says “is marijuana bad for your brain? I don’t know, but I’m gonna make the video anyway” lol We don’t understand our brains yet. And I do believe this world is intertwined with the physical & the spiritual. And the spiritual influences the physical

  4. Its similar to alcohol, you use too much of it your life will be effected in a negative way. As long as people learn to use it responsibly there are no issues.

  5. I know it's hard, as a young person.
    But there has been a noted phenomenon in big, severe teen potheads, who become paranoid when they smoke in their 20s and beyond.
    Do it only occasionally, so you can enjoy it life long. Don't do what I did and ruin it for myself. I'm not talking about psychosis. Just uncomfortable reactions

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