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INDOOR WEED GARDEN | At Home Cannabis Grow‼️ In todays indoor weed grow update I wanted to officially announce that I will be doing Vlogmas (see …


  1. If you wanna save money on dirt you should look into cooking your own super soil! That's wat im doing now and it's very cost effective and efficient. I cook my soil with everything they need then all I do is water. I use ro water tho. Do a couple teas throughout the grow and that's it! Plus you get that organic quality that can't be beat

  2. do you use silica? If you don't, you should because it is good for your plants cell walls.. when you do use them. make sure you put them silica first and wait for 2 hours minimum  before mixing other nutrients.

  3. the clawing leaves is a bit tricky… you need to play around with the ph in your medium and keep track on what goes in there. nitrogen toxicity isn't always cause by overfeed nutrient, because the ph level in your medium also correlated to how much your plant's root can uptake certain types of nutrients. for example in soil at ph 5.8 you could locked up the potassium and magnesium intake because it requires ph6.2 -6.4 for the plant to uptake magnesium and potassium. therefore; the plant only tae nitrogen at ph 5.8 and causes toxicity.

  4. wow thats soo cool !!! loved the video !! the title got my attention right away ! but your video is soo cool….

    Ps: We are a inspiring you tube couple , we would love for you to check us out any support helps. thank you 🙂

  5. i was having trouble with popcorn buds too with my viparspectra on about 4/5 runs, but now ive changed my light to the HLG QB288 kit OMG its my best run so far, check them out, trade in your old viparspectra's for the QB 288 kits and they're affordable too, honestly the vipars are good for veg but not flower, much love growmie keep up the good work 👍👍💜💜☮☮

  6. LEDs are still too close and causing the leaves to taco shelling on top, which are first indications of being burned. If you look at the video, you can actually see the 'hot spots' from the LEDs.. The only time you would have the LEDs that close is if they were on light rails, otherwise hang them lights higher until hot spots are gone..
    If you were over fertilizing, the tips of the leaves would be yellowing..
    Do you pick up the pots to see how light they are before watering? Over watering causes the stems to turn purple..
    Hope this helps..

  7. It's best to get in the habit of spraying for bugs once a week in veg, as a preventative measure (assuming you're using something that can be used weekly that is)… Rather than waiting to treat after an outbreak. It's also a lot easier to tell what's going on with the plants if you look at them under regular lighting. I can't see the color of the leaves to tell if that is N toxicity or wind damage.

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