"I Used To Deal Drugs" — Face Your Mother

James invites two 20-somethings and their moms to the show to play Face Your Mother, a game in which he asks them personal questions to reveal how well …


  1. she bout to say little shit when he showed the tat i love tats im 14 and want a couple my grandma says no my mom has alot so she dosent mind and i live with my grandparents but i d agree its a not that good of a tattoo

  2. I remember taking those in high school here's to you mom !😀you should of tried them i had so much FUN way back when I'm 73. Yrs old now reminded me of my old fun days👍💖 THANKS

  3. James is one of the most sincere, caring people ever. He genuinely started tearing up after the announcement (not spoiling for people in the comments)!

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