How to vaporize DMT for a breakthrough every time

I had a few people asking me what my technique is for smoking DMT in order to get a breakthrough experience. If you follow these instructions then its fairly easy …


  1. how come the end of the ones that they sell in Amazon (and the one that you provide the link for it) is (are) not narrow like yours in this vidoe. Is that Ok?🤔 Also the one that you have looks better than the one you said they sell in amazon, where did you buy yours in the UK anyway?😚😁

  2. Should I worry about smoke detectors? I live and Canada so doing it outside is pretty much impossible because of the weather, but I imagine that, because of how little smoke there is, it shouldn’t activate them, right? I’m planning on doing it alone so a fire alarm and firefighters knocking at my door is probably the last thing I’d wanna hear on dmt…

  3. I smoked a gram shot out my body and became a ghost. I was just walking around my room and spooking my friends out. Then I went in the future and memerised the lottery numbers now I'm rich.

  4. That isn't a crack pipe- it's a meth pipe. I'm a former meth addict and I'm telling you- that there is a meth pipe. Maybe show only clean ones in your video? A dirty meth pipe can be really triggering to look at for some people.

  5. Finally after so long of trying I managed to get a gram of DMT from my friend today, just ordered my pipe, torch lighter & digital scales. This has been a 3 or 4 year journey. Thank you for your video, saved me buying a vaporiser for £200

  6. Whats a good weight for these oil pipes. I put in 0.08 and wasnt taking big enough hits kuz i was taking a bunch of lil ones going in and out. The was a decent amount of smoke for the little hits though. Do i cook it longer and build up more smoke and or add more weight?

  7. OHhh so glad someone mad a practical video on how to properly send it in! I was wondering, I am going to do my first NN dmt journey soon…I have done 5meo before so I understand the sort of instant terror that can occur. But my question is should I try to attempt a breakthrough experience on my first go?? I might indeed fail even if that is my intention, but is this a worthy goal or is there no point of pushing it like that?

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