How To Remove Weed Smells From Your Car – Masterson's Car Care

Learn how to remove the nasty weed & marijuana smell from your car! Have you been smoking blunts while driving? Do you dad on the go? Now you can …


  1. or air out your car right away and I mean right away. the more thee smokes stays in and Linder, the more it will get into your seats. or after smoking and try to blow everything out the window,

  2. A word of advice: if you're making an ad, never insult anyone.

    Buying a product also means trusting the supplier- and no one that paid good enough attention during this video would buy anything from a person like this "host".

    I mean, if you speak to customers like that, how can you expect to sell anything lol

  3. This has got to be the best video on YT. I think he should have interviewed the car's owner and shamed him or her. Then they could have had a fight either verbal or physical. Then they could've made up by smoking blunts in the car and then sprayed each other with the strawberry stuff!

  4. Now i will show you how to remove the smell of weed from your car am i high or could that bottle have water in and he just spray the car and pretend it smells amazing like ofc its a real product but we cant see the result we have to smell it to make a video is dumb to be fair.

  5. You need an O3 generator, stop trying to mask the smell and make it go away. For temporary use spray Lysol into air conditioning in car (IT ONLY WORKS FOR MERE MINUTES) which is why a generator is the only way to fix it.

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