How to Grow indoor cannabis pt 1 (environment)

This is the first part of a video series dedicated to growing cannabis indoors. In this episode I go over the very basic environmental element that it takes to have a …


  1. I reuse my soil as I flush the end of each cycle, don't want to lose the good myco, castings and guan o's. I just bake it and add 50% new each run. I found larger yields the second run as it takes time for organics to break down. I also use only pro mix and organic amendments so no bugs. If I was constantly dealing with bugs I would just throw everything away and start new each run.

  2. Hi I’m new to this growing stuff… I have two 1000W hps for flowering and 2000wled (true watts) combined with two 400w mh for vegging. Temps stay between 70-80*F. Does this sound good to grow.

  3. this the easy part you miss popping the seeds which is the hardest part , then praying the leaves comes out after you plant it….then you forget to mention about the auto seeds vs reg….most auto's you dont have to do nothing being its going do it automatically

  4. So how much electricity bill this will run you ?not worry about the light bill but if the light bill is so high that how you get in trouble with the law in some state that doesn’t allow this

  5. brother i dont mean to be a smart ass but in the same breath you said a beginner should go hydro, then you said a beginner should go soil, so which is it? thanks.

  6. So, for everyone talking about my 24 hr on for veg, the reason why I keep it at 24 on is because my bloom is 12 12 but when one turns off the other one kicks on. So I just leave the veg on 24 so it's a smoother transition to bloom. And it keeps the room warm at night time.. if I had the electric capability to have all my lights on at once, I would. But I dont so that's what I run.

  7. best is 20/4 or `18/6. 24/7 is not that good for your plant. i already can see youre a beginner. your plant grows alot when its dark. already tried it 24/7 is getting you a smaller plant then a 20/4 plant

  8. I find that a 24/7 light cycle promotes algae growth on top of your medium. Not sure if it is detrimental, but it looks unsightly. I don't get this with 18/6 and I have mothers that are well over 2 years old. Nice and healthy. Oh and my damn power went out this morning for about an hour. its a pain in the ass. lol

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