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How long does marijuana stay in your hair? How long does weed stay in your hair? We answer that and more in this epic science video. If you think you might …


  1. ive been sober (thc) for over 5 months but smoked every day before that. i already passed urine test about 6 weeks ago. would i pass hair sample within next two weeks ?

  2. I had to do a hair follicle drug test back in 2014 for a chicken factory processing chicken I'm ball headed so they shaved my forearm ridiculous LOL and then about 6 months later I had an accident at work they did not urine test me they forgot to so human resources made me do a hair follicle test 4 days after the accident shaved my forearm once again

  3. Okay so I smoked 1 time on July 4th I got a call to go back to work on the 14th I smoked 1 blunt and was in the room with people smoking for a while. I gotta do a piss and hair follicle…. what do I do? Am I okay? Do I need to cut my hair? Do I need to trim my beard will they take body hair if my head and facial hair are short?

  4. Use hair stripper it's like 5 or 10 $ it won't change the color of your hair but if you have color in it it will strip it RIGHT out it gets into the core of your hair you can use it all over your body hair also..👍👍👍👍👍

  5. I had one hit on April 24th. Before that it had been years. So my question is, is that detectable on a hair follicle test? And I’m serious. ONE HIT seven weeks ago. The answers I’m finding are so mixed I don’t know what to believe. I see one person say “absolutely not, one hit just isn’t detectable” and then some other person will say “oh yeah hair tests are so sensitive and detect any small amount”.

  6. I've quit weed for about 13-14 months to pass a hair follicle drug screening. It's bull s. In the first place I'd have to quit. I better pass… But I smoked daily for years. Goes to show.. there's absolutely no addiction.

  7. What I don't understand is exactly what he said in the end: Why is it that lower paying jobs require this test when substantially higher paying jobs DO NOT? Anyone care to comment? By all means, please do…

  8. I ate two small edible cookies that were super weak. Didn’t even get me high. About a month and a half ago. Other than that I haven’t smoked in a year. I hope I pass lol from my understanding from my research I should be fine. I guess we’ll see lol

  9. I passed a follicle by shaving 99% of my body. I played dumb and said take some hair from my leg (which clearly had no hair). They shaved dust on to a piece of paper.

  10. Forewarning, some places take a hair, armpit and an eyebrow hair sample. I knew someone that use to pass these test all the time. His job would give him a 24 hour notice that he was going to get drug tested, which was their way of saying you have 24 hours to prep to pass the test. It was hard to find good people at the job he worked at. He used a wash that masked the THC. Hours before his test, him and his GF would jump in the shower and she would help him scrub him down with this masking agent. He passed everytime… I took a saliva test, you can pass that by chewing gum or drinking ice water.

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