1. The United States DID NOT kill tens of thousands of innocent people during Operation Iraqi Freedom, the actual numbers are around 6,000–7,000 throughout the entire invasion, which is still terrible don’t get me wrong, but it’s not “tens of thousands of innocent people”, which would imply at least 20,000 innocent people dying at the hands the United States, which is just nowhere near the estimated death toll. I don’t know who put that number in the Documentary, but it is not the truth whatsoever.

  2. 43:06 The United States did not kill tens of thousands of innocent civilians during the invasion of Iraq, that is such an inflated, bullshit number. The real number is some where around 8,000 total civilian deaths, which is not to downplay the reality of that number nor excuse the actions and mistakes of the US military, but it is not in the tens of thousands.

  3. Assad planning his Renaissance, trips to bask in glory in Moscow, maybe President Trump will call him a "Great guy who really loves his people" instead of "an animal – who does that, gas little babies" (April 2017)

  4. National Geographic had evidence post news of New York proof the evidence europol of the nation of United States knows about evidence today they called it ABC Nightline 2028 people's Witness news media back in the 1900s in a little past the year 2000 you know dr. Ruth Jacobson Ted Koppel that one was called Nightline this is nonfiction or a child's play play to play when to win when was the last time they brought you back to life and told you Lazarus arise because it was Supernatural a real man funny man and a Joker's Wild from a game show called Joker's Wild the movie but it had nothing to do with Bob Eubanks

  5. I pay for the damn movie and the best I can watch it in is 480?!? Come the fuck on now…. National geo is known for amazing image and quality…. Don't sell shit products!

  6. I must have post-traumatic stress from reading American Holocaust and briefly reading and knowing the terrors of Christianity and the US, because every time I see dead children, people being killed, horrible situations where hundreds die I immediately think of what the US did to the Native Americans for hundreds of years to establish their country. I'm sorry, but every dead child I see on these videos just reminds me how terrible the Americans and Christians are and how I want them gone forever. I suggest anyone who hates ISIS or Syria to read American Holocaust (By Stannard) to read about why everyone should hate America and the Spanish, in very vivid and horrible detail just like this documentary.

    You think ISIS, Al-Assad, Bin Laden, etc. and I think Catholicisim, Columbus, George Washington. Horrible, horrible people who murder thousands of innocent children.

  7. Oh hello to all who read this … At the Reno Tahoe International Film Festival these people were there to spread there REALITY to us the people.
    The left out the most IMPORTANT meeting outta there PsyoP in Syria that occurred in December 2014.
    For the record WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE.
    This link explains everything needed to know between any & all interested parties.

    From your Reno PAL John Peniel.

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