Groups head to Capitol to discuss recreational weed in MN

Opposing groups will give press conferences at the MN State Capitol on Wednesday. » Subscribe to KARE 11: …


  1. Do we make SUGAR ILLEGAL?? Look at the damage to health and welfare of the most dangerous ingested legal substance on this Earth!!! Do some research!! I am not suggesting the Domino Sugar website!! Look at the increase of fatty liver and Diabetes!! Look at processed food! You don't have to go back far 1965. Now let us take on legalization of what you may call drugs. What harm has this drug war done in America?? How many millions, Billions, trillions of tax payer dollars have been spent?? How many gang wars? How many millions of families have suffered, suffering the loss of a father, mother, sister or brother?? How many million people have gone to jail for NonVIOLENT ingestion of any substance?? WHO PAYS for the imprisoned?(tax payer) Say we lock up a working being for any nonviolent crime!! The family loses a bread winner!! The family may now need state and federal aid!!! Today the loss of one income crushes the abilities of a family to sustain itself!! So now we have a being in prison we are paying for and the family is on the Government Dole!! If this being ate 4 gallons of ice cream and the drank some Gasoline!! Would we lock them up?? AM I A FREE MAN?? I am for releasing all nonviolent beings from prison!! Who Makes Law??? I believe in most cases it is the elite furthering their own agenda!! If we the People are informed of the danger or damages caused by any product then it is our choice.. Fluoridation of your water harms EVERYONE Ingesting it or Absorbing it though bathing , showers!!! 90% OF ALL PROCESSED FOOD IS PRODUCED WITH FLUORIDATED WATER!! +(((HAS THE PUBLIC BEEN WARNED???)) READ THE TUBE OF TOOTHPASTE!!! DO NOT SWALLOW!! IF SWALLOWED CALL POISON CONTROL!!!

  2. I side with legalize and release all the non violent (Beings) That this oppressive system has detained. The meaning of Non Violent?? Was the Violence Caused Due to Arrest, or Fear of Arrest?? Many Cases need Review!! Reduce the Population of These Degrading, Violent , Schools Teaching How to Harm and Hate and Discriminate!!! ((PRISONS)) How many families has this law destroyed? How many have lost homes, careers, vehicles, land Lives destroyed?? How many billions of the peoples tax dollars have been spent on another War?? What about the gang violence??
    Just look what it cost YOU THE TAX PAYER!!! 30,000 Dollars per Year 3 in a Cell that is 7 feet by 10 feet = 90,000 Per Cell Each YEAR!!! They are not eating steaks or sleeping on a certa!!! Concrete bed with a 2 inch mat!!! Fighting for their lives and being treated like animals!!!!! WHO MADE THESE LAWS!!!!!!!
    It is not you and I who make these laws!!
    The Corporations PAY Lobbyist who in turn Buy Favors ((BRIBE)) their friends !!!
    I do not see people drinking Gasoline or Eating Poison? No Jail Time no Crime??
    WHO PROFITS?? Do you own STOCK in this SYSTEM!!! You ARE !!!
    WHO PAYS??? EVERYONE ELSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I live in Nv. Don’t do it. Retailers you well notice a lost in business almost right away as people smoke away any extra money they have. Car accident well quickly rise as drivers driver half F. Up. Younger car accident and death 💀 we’ll rise. As they drive around smoke up. Any event you attend we’ll have the smell of weed. But this good information is a waste of my time. There is no stopping it . People are in pain don’t you know. So welcome aboard Minnesotans you dumb sob’s !

  4. It is past time to end the failed war on marijuana. As for increased health care costs that's exactly how drug problems should be dealt with, as a health issue and not a criminal issue. We deal with alcohol and tobacco problems as a health issue and not a criminal issue.

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