Ghetto Grow: Cannabis (Marijuana) Planted in Ground, Week 7 Indoor/Outdoor Vegetation (2019 – 2020)

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  1. looks good but might I add that next year you need to space your plants out more and stagger them so they dont block out the sun from each other . You can also hook up a battery operated rainbird timer thats really easy operate and put your ladies on automated drip system tied into the timer. Also clear out all the bottom weeds and make your holes in the ground wider . Ground weeds and grass are really greedy and will take any nutrients and water from the ground before your plants do . And finally you can start your plants indoors and grow them to about 4ft tall and throw them out in late May , your ladies will flower prematurely but they revert and start revegging each premature flower throws out five or six new cola sites and your plants will be super huge . You will easily pull a pound per plant . Just giving you some tips I learned along the way . Hope you dont get mad .

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