Florida Dispensary Haul – Buying a Quarter of Legal Weed

Doing my first dispensary haul in Florida after getting my Medical Marijuana Card. I purchase a quarter ounce in addition to some concentrate and a cartridge …


  1. Just a FYI in case some of you who are thinking of getting registered, you may or may not even care if you are a gun owner and like to buy guns but you cannot buy any guns if you are registered user. You can still get a concealed permit but you cannot buy any firearms… to me this is BS! Because once pot becomes legal in Florida then it wouldn’t matter, and you can buy a gun again. Lol

  2. Wow 5 X the amount of the cost in Colorado? That is not right, thanks for the information! I was wondering if you could tell us how much you paid for the popcorn 1/8th?

  3. I’m so shocked I found you. I’m about to move to Bradenton and looking to get my medcard and I love in the background and see a UFC poster as well. SUBSCRIBED 👍🏻

  4. With the google reviews that other place will probably try to contact you just to make it right. Because they will lose buisness from your youtube review. Or reviews in general. It really matters when customers look up your business for a product and customer service.

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