1. One time I was taking a dump and recording a tik tok and dropped my phone in the toilet. I flushed it down with the crap and found the video on the cloud later. Unedited, that video would get 4 more stars than this movie.

  2. The Bering land bridge crossers are not "first nations" that is a lie. They are third nations. The oldest skull found in North America was of Irish kind. See "first nations bit 1" on Bitchute.

  3. I have to admit I find grandma hot. I now understand what my grandpa meant back in '65 when he said one day I'd find large grannies hot. I'd love to do grandma. Do her well, I would. And I ain't lyin'

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  5. What a stupid movie, basically an injun version of Bill and Ted's Morons on the Reservation Adventure. Filled with injun stereotypes from lazy "1st Nations" that never work just sit around getting FAT, like "grandma" who must have had her kid who had fly fishing boy at 12 (none of you noticed that "grandma" isn't old enough?) Again an incredibly ignorant and stupid movie …. but you get what you pay for from YouBoob free.

  6. 🤔🧐 greatest injustice and treason against humanity sign the petition please comment by Erick Guzman Garcia

    DARPA Nano Particles in every person on the planet now. Overlay for Geo tracking of the Targeted Individual and RFID recall of your data, bank accounts, purchases, travel, phones data and internet data. DARPA is also capable of V2K Voice to Skull two way, where they can talk in your head and no one else can hear it and that they can also talk back to you.

    RNM (Remote Neural Monitoring) and Entrainment

    RNM (Remote Neural Monitoring) and Entrainment, this can be done via MAE using a Nuerophone add on. Dr Barry Trower (MI6) told us this was how they de briefed soviet spies, RNM can also be done by DARPA.

    This allows GCHQ and other agencies to take over an individual’s thoughts and body movements to control them, They harass us in different ways. They complicate our lives and direct radiation at us, they spy on us, project pain, intense emotions, unpleasant thoughts, voices to skull, strange sounds, annoying sensations and  it can also be used to kill Targeted Individuals. This can use a duel band phone to deliver a signal, 3g upwards.

    We know this because if you read the original patent on the Nuerophone it stated that it could be deployed via a carrier wave using two transducers or beams, same as a modern mobile phone does, the signal can be sent over any frequency, but some work better than others. The original Neurophone patent also confirmed that the device could Entrain People, this patent was rejected, and then taken over by USA Navel Intelligence in 1959, ten years later they released the existing patent, but removed the mention of the carrier wave and the entrainment facilities of the Neurophone, this covered up the whole system for years and made the Neurophone a novelty item.


    GCHQ and other agencies record your EEGs using electromagnetic field, so when you have a pain, they record that pain, and can then send that signal back to you and you feel the same pain, look up EEG by mobile phone, its online.

    Now add to all that the AI (Artificial Intelligence) system that has brought just about everyone on the planet on to the DARPA system via Nano particles being added to food water and sprayed via "chemtrails" all over the world, run by super computers running atom based data storage.

    These people are humantrafficking people and gang members not DARPA people extorting the USA government by millions and sending the money to restarted people in Mexico and other dumb ass places  the money is not even used in the USA they said it them selves. There just making it easier to be a molester or humantrafficker in this country. This needs to be stopped and I have already been racketeerd more times then I can count and they have Bamboozled me to getting falsely incarcerated and are going to attempt to do it again if they are not stopped.

    This is a comment by Erick Guzman Garcia please go to sign a petition,go to Google search petition go to the top right hand corner click the settings icon go to search and look up targeted Individuals to pass a Bill to regulate this type of treason on humanity DARPA I'm not your enemy I think this is a great opportunity to make a difference but you need to weave out the bad seeds that are miss using and shaming your name .
    These people can implement thoughts and dreams and take out your vocabulary and mess with your physical attributes causing all sorts of health issues and they can search in your memories good or bad and use them against you just know that it's illegal search and seizures and an invasion of your privacy . Don't let them tell you it's schizophrenia and that it's all in your head because the voices are very real and if the voices make you do things you can prosecuted them.

  7. Look up on YouTube the following: comment by Erick Guzman Garcia

    Voice to Skull Torture – Part 1- introduction (Close Captioning)

    Voice to Skull Torture – Video Testimony – Part 2 -Testimony Begins (2004-2006) (Close Captioning)

    Part 3 and part 4 are also available

    Look up on Youtube and if I should ever go to jail because these voices are trying to frame you or me use this testimony as evidence and remember that it is illegal to be in your head its unconstitutional its illegal to download images into your head and it is an invasion of privacy because you cant have some one watch an comment on your most intimate moments. And yes you can find public records of the voices to skull app and maybe get the google transcripts on the app.
    This is written by Erick Guzman Garcia.
    There using your predictive technology( look up on YouTube) to make childporn to predict what would happen when you take some one hostage and kidnapping also to see how some one would act in case of a murdering some one and how to get away with it.By the people in Yucaipa and Redlands California and whom ever is in my head using the voice to skull app they have boiled my mom alive so I could hear it, they starved her,to terrorise me .So you guys as people in power need to be held accountable for this or fix the problem they use it to see when they can kill people and how to kill them and are constantly telling me they can see the futer but now I know how they are doing this with the predictive technology . You need not let the Gang members and human trafficking people in my head get away with this.This is Erick Guzman Garcia I live in Redlands California 92374 telling you this has fallen in to the wrong hands.
    This is how I was bamboozled into thinking my mom was being held captive by my neighbors and that one of my best friend's sister was being raped and held hostage,this they said in order to do something wrong so they could call the cops and get me locked up. And they did it they incarcerated me for a year it was intrapment and now ive got a record this needs to be addressed.My name is Erick Guzman Garcia I'm in Redlands California 92374.This along side the voice to skull app and the EEG machine that lets one see and download images and dreams are being used for intrapment of good people by human trafficking people.And are making people look like molesters to take little girls and boys for porn and I quote "we will never get caught ","we have been doing this for a long time and your just going to look crazy and no one going to believe you because we are making sure you look so bad and get labeled a molesters", this is there attitude if no one does something about this it's going to continue being overlooked.Theres more to this lots more these people have incriminated them self's so much thinking no one will get them that they spilled the beans on everything from murdering people ,dealing drugs using drugs and getting the girls that they use for porn underage and getting them hooked on heroin and other drugs they put little girls in my head as a form of inticement and intrapment. There watching me in the bathroom, watching when I watch porn and I need help getting these people out of my head I already called the cops to tell them that I have never ever had impure thoughts and dreams like the one's I have gotten ever since the so called voices came along.
    They are also using this predictive technology to make false evidence (manufacturing evidence) to frame me . And making porn of under age girls, this is not concrete but when they did there spoofing(when some one steals ones I P address,they do this with the EEG machine and voice to skull app together it allows you to see through your eyes and they see it through a computer or cell phone app by product of a DARPA supercomputer) of the web page I got on the phone it was of girls from around the mountain view trailer park in Yucaipa CA and they did not look like they had anything todo with it but I could be wrong maybe that whole park is full of pedophiles after all there is a high concentration of them in Yucaipa look on Google maps of molesters. With that said these people are able to see through my eyes with the voice to skull app and in combination with the EEG machine that allows you to see my thoughts and what is in front of me they could easily have seen the young girls and went and found them on there predictive technology if it's like a virtual reality program.What ever the case may be it's still pornography with underage girls I had the thought of may be there using it as a way to catch a predator,and right away the voices in my head started thanking me for giving them that idea so they could get away with making childporn but then I told them there is no way it is legal to put girls that are around suspected molesters (pedophile) on a web page that can access and see them and be seen by other people it's childpornography,child indangerment , soliciting etc.Through this technology process they saw my dad's I P address and I had no real control of my phone anymore and I got the web pages which I exited not before seeing some of the little girls from around the park where I lived on the front page of there "Teenies" web site which they claim makes them millions of dollars so it can't be a program to catch a predator if there making money.And they claimed they were going to blackmail me to doing every proposition they had and I couldn't do anything about it but I found a girl on there that I knew and I told her mom that I'm pressing charges as soon I can find out who is doing this to me, the voices laughed and said "they got all the evidence"…" to put me away" but like I said it's all fake.The people in my head using the voice to skull app now just said that there going to look for girls that leave comments on YouTube Ted talks about human trafficking to recruit them.
    I am Erick Guzman Garcia and I am being bamboozled (verb (used with object), bam·boo·zled, bam·boo·zling. to deceive or get the better of (someone) by trickery, flattery, or the like; humbug; hoodwink (often followed by into): They bamboozled us into joining the club. to perplex; mystify; confound.
    I have got people implementing impure thoughts and dreams with some type of alter ego technology or DARPA supercomputer by product technology to then use a EEG machine which allows you to see my thoughts to frame me for being a sick person this is straight out of a sci-fi movie they are not gangstalkers they just miss use there technologies alongside the voice to skull app which has public records and hopefully google transcripts of the app.comment by Erick Guzman Garcia.If possible call and tell the DARPA department of defense agency it's there technology there program these people are shaming. I need help.

    be sure to go to http://www.globalneroethic.com to sign the petition to pass a Bill to make restriction on these technologies

    https://www.dictionary.com › browse

    Bamboozle | Definition of Bamboozle at Dictionary.com

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