1. I thought Jamie and Deedee and J.D. were amazing. The last line about the sunny as hell in the log and how Holden lives on Beacon Hill, that made me cry… It was beautiful. Truly…

  2. Nice work. Like the original novel at its center, a tale of the pain, guilt, and difficulty moving on, left for those who lose someone they loved dearly, especially at a young age.

  3. your movies are all about fcking ? I see my dog doing it every day. may be it is time for you to understand that human is NOT ABOUT ANIMAL INSTINCTS! and motion picture is a FORM OF ART. sick of your garbage

  4. An endearing and thoughtful movie, which is beautiful in its simplicity and charm. For those who enjoy a slower-paced story and a look back into youth and idealism, the story's protagonist Jamie embarks on a search which takes him on a journey of self-reflection and identity. Well-acted with beautiful scenery and gentle pacing, this film has a lot of heart shown through the actors.

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