Cody Lachey on the radio talking about cannabis, should cannabis be legalised etc

My latest video this time its an interview on the radio talking about cannabis use, cannabis dealers, should cannabis be legalised etc. Now haters are going to …


  1. The problem that needs to be addressed is not the drugs themselves, it is the negative thought patterns that lead people to use them in the first place. These issues are ones that need to be addressed within ourselves, our families, and our communities. Not in jail. If we spent a fraction of the money that we would save by removing drug addicts from prison and put that money instead into rehabilitation centers and community revitalization programs, we'd begin to put drug dealers out of business in the only way that will ever last, by drying up their "market".

  2. UK is out off date regarding canabis the country's that have legalized it make millions from tax on canabis Its been used for 1000s off years as medication for numerous things so many people use it instead off useing prescription drugs

  3. The argument of “cannabis vs alcohol” is obtuse, naive, gullible and obviously devoid of logic and actual scientific facts.
    It’s more an emotional and sentimental argument.

    Alcohol is absorbed into the body in a natural metabolic way
    Alcohol is a natural by product of fermentation
    The abuse and misuse of alcohol causes problems not the actual alcohol

    The logic is the same as cars should be banned and people should just use cycles as cycles don’t cause death but cars do in various ways.

    Cannabis is absorbed into the body unnaturally
    Cannabis THC is 1000’s times stronger than alcohol per MM
    Cannabis has CLEAR degenerate psychological affects, though these are usually unperceived during use as they are mildly incremental

    Pathological thinking
    Short term memory loss
    Loss of concentration
    Loss of interest in pre cannabis habits/hobbies
    I don’t necessarily agree it’s a “gateway” drug, but it has been to some

    How do I know?
    I used to smoke cannabis and in my opinion, it’s the vilest/worst drug of the lot because unlike the others that are served with a “this drug can/will cause problems” cannabis is usually marketed as a “jolly/harmless/good time/hippie/class B” pastime that is a victim of politicians.

    Hemp is the real target, but that’s another subject.

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