1. This is fascinating… thank you for sharing! I’ve had bowel issues my whole life and spend most of everyday bloated and in severe pain. I’m now in my mid 30’s and haven’t used Cannabis in over 10 years. I tried it again recently to see if it could help with the inflammation and pain, but after 6 months of use I feel FAR worse than ever before. I truly believe that for SOME people, Cannabis does make your symptoms far worse. Plus I would also argue that Cannabis is far more addictive than people want to admit. The more I’ve learned about the cannabinoid/gut connection has only shown me it’s time to stop smoking – but BOY is it hard. Whether physical or psychological, it doesn’t matter. Smoke Cannabis for two weeks straight then stop for a week. The first few days are brutal. I’m now seeking real medical help and will have my first colonoscopy next week. If anyone else clicked on this video with that deep feeling of “yeah I feel like smoking is making my stomach issues worse,” I’m here to encourage you. You CAN quit, and you’ll feel far better after you do. Cannabis impacts your sleep, too. It’s all a big tangled mess but I know for me (and you if you’ve read this far down 😂) that the benefits of smoking are vastly outweighed by the drawbacks. Keep hunting for a solution, there is relief out there if you’re willing to seek help and don’t give up. God bless!

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