1. the batteries are made of cheap plastic spray painted metallic gold. they feel lightweight. not worth the $20 price tag they go for at headshops. but if they're all u can get they get the job done i guess. istoked is better.

  2. I bought one of these about a month ago and its been a pretty good battery. I paid $10 for it at a local smoke shop, but felt like it had been used before since the gold casing on the bottom looks like it had been scratched to hell. Anyway, to get to why I'm here it says on the packaging that blue is the lowest setting, yellow/green is the medium setting, and red is the highest setting. Does anyone else think that yellow might be the lowest, blue might be in the middle, and red is the hottest? Just wondering what you guys think?

  3. Got mine for 20 at my local smoke shop. Thanks for doing a review, I threw away the packaging right after buying it. Then I put it to charge, the light went on but when I tried to hit it nothing happened. I just found out I had to turn it on by clicking on it 5 times. 😂🤦‍♂️

  4. i just got mine but its not working idk what to do ,when i click it 5 times it doesn’t turn on but when i plug it up to charge ,the charger glows green like its charged ?I’m so sad cus this shit was expensive mine was $35 but please help if you know a trick to get it working 😭

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