1. Benefits of quitting weed. ABSOLUTELY NONE AT ALL.
    smoked daily for 25 years iv stopped for a few months and its absolutely boring tbh. As for meditation what a load of 💩

  2. Im 15 days in after smoking for 20 plus years every day, going out for run or walk every day and eating a healthy vegan diet, so far other than the night sweats Ive been fine , sleep hasn't been easy all round tbh

  3. I’m 21 iv been smoking for 4 years nearly every day. The past year I fell into a deep depression state, I lost a ton of weight, became super anti social and anxious. The highs aren’t even enjoyable anymore either but I still couldn’t stop. I’m 3 days clean, I cried tonight for the first time in forever, it feels like all the emotions that were bottled this past year are finally able to come out. I hope I can continue holding back from smoking and start reshaping and transform my life. Thanks for the video.

  4. I think a lot of the reason I smoked weed for the last 11 years was because I connect it to be rebellious. It is barely rebellious anymore though and doesn’t feel all that cool in my late 20s.

  5. Been smoking weed pretty much everyday since 17, I am 29 now and really need to stop 🙏 my state of mind just aint the same anymore, ive become a big ball of anxiety….I pray God will help me pull thru

  6. It’s different for everybody I had friends who would smoke weed before football practice and it would enhance them. But for me personally I stopped smoking a year ago cause of the laziness and awkward socialness

  7. Great Video, all the points you made are so true and valid, especially the clarity part. Starting my sober journey today. Been smoking for 13 years straight. Im 26 now and I think its definitely time to stop and reshape my life. thanks for the amazing video!

  8. Great video man. I've been smoking for a long time, but now I've been abstaining for a few days, I've realized just how antisocial it's made me. No motivation to have social interactions. The only weird physical withdrawal symptom I've noticed is excessive yawning. Feels good to have that social motivation back. Cheers brother and thanks for sharing your insights 🙏

  9. Daily smoker for over 3 years now, im 24 and i looked back and wondered what i had done since 21, and it was nothing. Stuck in the same shit job doing the same shit for 3 years. It doesnt make me happy smoking every day anymore, enough is enough. Second day off it and im going to only smoke a few joints at the weekends.

  10. I had trauma on weed I used it with my friend and my friends didn't say how to use it, then I smoked too much and I get overdose I have uncomfortable numb and I'm panicking and then I can't breath I feel my face is melting, so bro I have a question may I get some bad brain damage or pychological long term bad effects? Edit sorry for my bad english

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