Advice For Parents of College Students (and teens) About Marijuana Abuse

Attention Parents Of College Students (or teens): Marijuana use isn’t the same as it used to be. There are so many new ways young people are abusing this drug …


  1. As someone who dabs every day the guy you brought in didn't really know his stuff. What you were taking about at first is rosin and it builds up in your pipes it's not that strong and tastes very bad.wax,crumble,shatter,oil, are all different forms of extract or what you can just call dabs.

  2. First of all, great start to the video. You jumped right into it with no fluff. Grabbed my attention right away, nice!

    Great video as well. I've never been clear on this myself but always interested because my brother is a recovering addict. He's like 7 years sober but he smokes weed a lot now (not dab stuff but regular weed.) Thanks a lot Amber!

  3. He seems like a great kid! I really like when we get to see real people who have been through it. It shows that it works, and that this is real for those who may be thinking it's not.

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