1. I’m having such Hard time choosing a town to move to. What cities allow home growers to open up a farm (small scale 100 plant limit ) it seems like most ban the opening up of any . What town are you in lol 😂😭 non stop house searching brotha

  2. Are you having problem with cage not letting plants shack water off and mold? seems like the cages here in cold states are mold magnets. just taking poll. thanks for in put also in Michigan with no cages and no mold. good luck

  3. Wow that's a lot of plants seeing how you can only keep 10 onces remember you can only dry what your limit is at a time or you'll be popped just letting you know that is the game there playing so be careful

  4. Yeah I love to see where people growing are from? I'm also in Midwest north IL. What's the latest date u can do an outdoor grow in Midwest. I have one germinated and about to pop thru soil it's not an auto so would u plant it this late Aug 5th it will be prop just becoming a plant in a solo cup?????? Help

  5. Hey man not trying to be negative but for them pots which look like 65 gallon your plants aren't to big and some of your stalks look a little small. I'm sure you know about it but if you don't silica works great

  6. Thanks buddy you too. It's great to see others in Michigan doing so well. At the beginning of the year I was a little nervous i wouldn't have enough direct sun. Always good to learn from fellow statesmen. Have a great day

  7. The way I did mine is I dug big holes to yards each at least maybe three yards each each hole with a board frame around it painted green o they last a very long time way to go man

  8. Yeah I'm from California been growing for about 15 years mostly enjoyed growing outdoor / indoor but indoor was fun too foot pulled out last year 2018 rest in peace to cannabis in California for Most residence

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