1. You said you got about 8g or so in the comments right, how much bud did you have to use? Looks like about a couple zips or so. yields on BHO the traditional way is about 6-7+ per zip for me. This method doesn't look very promising to me other than quality for people that don't know how to get that quality themselves.

  2. Hey there, I just bought The source turbo and I Made the whole process just like you, but the end result color is more like deep brown than Amber and very thick and sticky. I have a vacuum chamber, could you tell me how to use it to get the same results as you? (Iā€™m sorry if those are dumb questions Iā€™m just pretty new to this)

  3. How long are the rinse times using ethanol compared to ISO? I normally always use ISO to make concentrates but because of this damn Corona I can't find ISO anywhere at all! I did find a bottle of ever clear alcohol tho that I was told would work almost the same as iso. The ever clear is 190 proof and 95% grain alochol, just curious on how long to rinse for with everclear vs ISO please help all input is apprectiated!!! FYI when using ISO I usually go for around 30-40 second rinse times and usually get very shattery end product that dabs and tastes great !!!

  4. Someone mentioned that the shatter or concentrates taste bad. Is that true in your experience? Can you actually dab it? Does it smell like the essence of the plant?

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