1. I have a question so how do I know if my battery is charging the yocan battery because when I tried to charge it blinks 3 times does it mean u don’t have the right cord ?

  2. this guy is an absolutely moron, how he has 114k subs is beyond me. he spent 2 minutes in the beginning talking about his rat-like braids, he spends time scrolling on their website without any useful info, and then — the kicker — when he smokes he's smoking as if he's puffing on a cigar and letting all the smoke out lmao. Dude doesn't even know how to properly smoke a cartridge. Don't be a phony like this, kids. you'll look like a moron and everyone can see through it.

  3. Will I be able to use it with dank vape because I have the yocan hive and doesn’t fit, also the brass knuckles gold battery but it won’t vaporize the dank carts. PLEASE HELP ME LOL

  4. i just bought one today, its AWESOME. been swapping out different carts and its so easy and hits great on the medium setting. definitely an upgrade from the kanger evod i had before

  5. There is definitely a manufacturing issue with the power button, I have the same issue along with a critical reviewer on their site which happens to be 5 stars, even though it's critical and says cust svc ignored them, rather curious. I also thought it was dead. The button issue really ruins the experience.

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