Yocan Evolve Plus XL Wax Vaporizer Review

Here’s an unboxing, test, and review of the Yocan Evolve Plus XL Wax/Concentrate Vaporizer Pen by @shivnibble, available from 180 Smoke at …


  1. I suppose i was under covering the coils. Now im ripping! Thanks so much! Watching a couple days after purchase and just wasnt getting the result i was looking for. Now im more than happy with the device! Again thank you so much for your review!

  2. JUST FOR SOME INFO: I have seen many of the reviews describe this as a "Wax Vaporizer," when wax is not part of the name of this device, nor do I see where it is exclusively meant for wax.
    When I was introduced to this device in a Vape store, it was to smoke "flower" and have been using it for that purpose, for the past few months and still using the same coil that was connected to it. It will get dirty from time to time, but an alcohol bath and a dry off will bring it back to an almost new condition. Also, from time to time, depending how much you fill it, you will have to pack it down; which I believe the cap was made for. (just unscrew the coil cap and use the top of the top cap to press down the flower) . Make sure to occasionally unscrew andblow through the top of the coil cap, to keep the air flow open.

  3. My magnetic top won't open and neither does the storage container on the bottom, if anyone has any good suggestions on how to open them let me know bro
    Update: Just got them open, the top was super easy, all I did was heat up the coils and I was able to slip it off but the bottom container storage was such a pain in the ass to open I'm not gonna lie

  4. THIS PEN IS GARBAGE!!! 1:( The battery life is terrible must be something like 10 minutes because I smoke 2-3 sessions a day and have to charge almost daily and somehow dies literally after I load it, constantly. 2:(Anything with coils as the only option is awful. Wastes so much product and you have to constantly replace them because they break so easily and are difficult to clean, and they degrade over short time. This brand does not have efficient quartz cups!!! I wish I didn't waste money on it. I have to buy another brand now.

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