World's Largest Auto Marijuana Yield from one plant 3 POUNDS Plus growing tips

Yeah, 2.95 pounds folks, from one plant. It overfilled a full size Glad garbage bag. I can only imagine what she would have yielded if …


  1. Neil bro i was just looking for the auto seed that got you that big harvest with but cant seem to find one can u tell me exactly the strain the exact name and where you got it because theres a lot of criticals and strains out there that has the critical phrase along with it but not the same as the one you just grew that got you almost 3lbs bro so can you give me the exact either link or name and genitics from where it came from thanks bro much appreciated .

  2. if you’re looking for a rough idea using wattage, you can estimate 0.5 to 1 grams per watt, with 0.5 grams being considered a good yield, and 1 gram per watt would be considered an excellent yield. Therefore, under a 1000w watt, you can expect to get between 500 – 1000 grams ( or 17 – 35 ounces )

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