Willie Nelson Is "Chief Tester" at His Weed Company

Willie Nelson chats with Jimmy about his Outlaw Music Festival Tour, his crucial role at his cannabis company, Willie’s Reserve, and why he dedicated Ride Me …


  1. Willy was proud to be on the show because it meant helping something that he thinks is going to help the world. Jimmy Fallon is a Hollywood wannabe and a spaz that needs anxiety medication or needs to stand up the directors and not make every segment comedy related. This is why Chris Colber kills your ratings

  2. The GrandFather of America!……They stone you when your playin your guitar….but i would not FEEL so ALL alone…Everybody must get stoned….Cigs n Yukon Jack got me back to Mother Nature too Willie…..God bless Willie!!…Hes touched OUR planet with his Soul….Hes a Soul Man!!…do do do do do do do doooo…Hes a Soul Man!!

  3. I seen Willie Nelson in concert and after about four or five songs he forgot the words and walked off. I was kind of disappointed but I was really excited to know that I seen him in concert!

  4. God is real. Satan is real. Heaven is real. Hell is real. Eternity is real. The Holy Spirit is real. Jesus is coming back. Do you know Jesus as your Lord and savior? If you don’t, please get right with God. Please. He is waiting. Come home to Jesus.

  5. Please help I ordered CBD gummies from willie Nelson's product order was not correct my order should have been around 30$ ended up 260$ need to correct this still havent received any was contacting the wrong website my card company gave me a number but they tell me I didnt order from them? HELP PLEASE RESPOND ASAP

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