Why Weed Isn’t a Gateway Drug – Sean Patton – Stand-Up Featuring

Sean Patton explains why marijuana won’t lead to worse decisions and speculates why surgeons listen to Korn during operations. (Contains strong language.)


  1. Korn is awesome! My oldest brother that passed away loved Korn! He had tattoos, posters, dvds and went to there concerts every time they were in town and after he passed away I got in touch with them with a guy that opens up for them (Suicide Silence) and they sent an autograph box with all there autographs, with autograph posters, cds, etc, there the best and made my family so happy and grateful, thankyou Suicide Silence and KORN!!! I know that made my brother Happy in the afterlife!
    RIP John Miss you, Love you

  2. All masters of their craft do this or something similar to get into their groove. Helps with nervousness, and you can go somewhat into autopilot since you've done it hundreds, if not thousands of times. It just seems disturbing because it seems like they aren't taking our lives seriously. 😉

  3. I suddenly notice how many people are wearing hats and for some reason get weirded out and then leave without saying anything all the time when I am sober. THATS why I smoke weed!! then I dont notice much of anything and I can have fun!

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